May 31, 2005

And in the news...

...somebody is actually dumb enough to want to marry Paris Hilton.

Okay. Before this morning I had never heard of Paris Latsis, nor did I ever care to. Now that his name will be forever associated in my mind with Paris Hilton's, he is officially a moron.

Dude. Paris Hilton? you not watch TV?

...don't you know what you're getting into?

Well, son, you're bringing this on yourself.


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May 30, 2005

Ugh. So very much, ugh.


That's all I got. Just ugh.

I had so much planned for this weekend- a little housekeeping that needs to be done in the barracks, a little sitting on the couch pondering the meaning of life, a lot of talking to me wife on the phone. As for the part that concerns you, the Loyal Reader™: there was to be several projects done to the ol' blog.

Well, a whole bunch of ugh got in the way.

First thing I was gonna get done was import all the Blogger entries. Well, the nifty new method for doing this is not posted at Munuviana yet, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway- way too much ugh to get that mess taken care of.

I was also gonna mess around with the three-column format that Eric went out of his way to publish for me- might not have gotten it exactly right, but I was gonna try. Nope- once again, ugh.

Had a nice long Memorial Day post planned. Well, it's not too late for that, I suppose, there's still like an hour of Memorial Day left on the East Coast. I'll give you the gist: go find someone who's lost a loved one defending freedom, be it WWI, WWII, Korea, 'Nam, or the Middle East, and tell them you appreciate their sacrifice. That's pretty much it.

Fourth thing I wanted to do was mess around with the template a bit more. I don't have the colors just how I want them yet. Close, but not quite there. What I'm after may just be out of my reach, but I bet if I look around Munuviana a while longer, I'll find out how to do what I'm looking for. Alas, this has not yet happened... and now I'm out of weekend.

Still haven't sent the new URL to the Alliance or TTLB, either. Crapioca.

Shoot, I'm still trying to catch up on my Malkin, Rott, and IMAO reading from like four days ago.


Just friggin' ugh.

*- "Ugh", in this case, represents several unexpected and unwelcome plan changes, an annoying bout with sleep deprivation, and a slightly shortened "long weekend". Ugh.

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May 25, 2005

Media Slander

This is interesting. Just started up yesterday- might have to keep an eye on it.

Hat tip: La Shawn

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Heterophobic, anti-family city low in children

This is quite the funny. It seems that SanFran's kiddies have all run off, and nobody can figure out why!

Some tidbits:

It is no mystery why U.S. cities are losing children. The promise of safer streets, better schools and more space has drawn young families away from cities for as long as America has had suburbs.

Yes, but...

But kids are even more scarce in San Francisco than in expensive New York (24 percent) or in retirement havens such as Palm Beach, Fla., (19 percent), according to census estimates.

Hmm. Why? Why, indeed?

San Francisco's large gay population - estimated at 20 percent by the city Public Health Department - is thought to be one factor...

Now you're using your Thinking Cap™! Unfortunately, the people in charge of the city... don't.


Determined to change things, Mayor Gavin Newsom has put the kid crisis near the top of his agenda, appointing a 27-member policy council to develop plans for keeping families in the city.

Creating a bureaucracy to figure out the obvious. You're a true socialist, Mr. Newsom.

"It goes to the heart and soul of what I think a city is about -- it's about generations, it's about renewal and it's about aspirations," said Newsom, 37. "To me, that's what children represent and that's what families represent and we just can't sit back idly and let it go away."

Yeah, 'cuz we all know you care so much about the American family. Sure, buddy.


"We are at a crossroads here," said N'Tanya Lee, executive director of the nonprofit Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth. "We are moving toward a place where we could have an infrastructure of children's services and no children."

Well... let's all think of ways for SanFran to be kid-friendly again. Hmm... gosh... that's a toughie. I s'pose you could start by not overturning basic American rights- that tends to scare people away. Maybe you could stop pandering to the most insanely liberal people in the country- they generally aren't very family-friendly. But there's this one major thing... how can I put this... Here we go. "Don't be gay, Sparky. Don't be gay."

S'quite simple indeed. Um, gay people don't reproduce.

Glad I could help.

The People's Republik of San Franciski: Always good for a laugh, if it's not good for anything else.

Hat tip: Fark

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Pardon me while I chuckle, Oh Poofy One

And in other things that are not really "new"s:

North Korea says it won't rule out pre-emptive strikes.

First: Oh, you mean like this? We're fully aware that you don't have a problem invading other countries, Li'l Kim. Can I call Kim Jong-Il "Li'l Kim" or will the real Li'l Kim sue me? Anyway, Li'l Kim, your daddy already invaded South Korea once, and we're still at the border, waiting for you to act up.

Second: You don't have to brag. It doesn't make you any less laughable.

Third: Did Li'l Kim just insinuate that the U.S. liberating Iraq from a tyrannical dictator (kind of like Li'l Kim, actually) was equivalent to the PRicKs invading and enslaving South Korea?

Well, he is pretty moonbattish. I guess that somehow makes sense to him.

Doesn't North Korea remind you of that little dude on a basketball court with no skills? No, not me, I'm aware of the fact that I can't play ball and don't pretend I'm something I'm not. I'm talking about that little punk who tries to compensate for his flaws by having an annoying attitude and a serious case of short-man complex. Just making himself look like a pure fool, and nobody buys it except him.

That's Li'l Kim. "I'm bad! Lookit all my guns! I'm making nuclear weapons! All y'all are scared of me! My people love me! You believe me, right? ...Right?"

So... altogether now, all Readers of the SITYSK™: We will have a collective guffaw at the gumption of the world's leading PRicK. Ready- on three- one, two, three!


SIDE NOTE: Hmm. How much y'all wanna bet that in the next few days I have a crapload of hits from people looking for pictures of Li'l Kim? Heh.

UPDATE: Oh, this is just too funny. It would appear that "Little" Kim does, in fact, suffer from the Short-Man Complex™.

Maybe this explains his *short* temper?
Or all of his *short*comings?
And to steal one from Shrek: "Men of Farquaad'sLi'l Kim's stature are in *short* supply."

UPDATE, 3 JUN: It would appear that from now on he's Mister Poofy One, or as he shall be known henceforth, "Mr. Li'l Kim".

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Category: Countries I Disapprove Of

And Justice For All

(With apologies to Metallica.)

My faith in the U.S. judicial system has been restored, just a tiny little bit. The One That Got Away™... well, she might've gotten away from her fiancé, but she didn't get away from the law. Jennifer Wilbanks has been indicted, and she will face... well, some kind of justice, anyway. I guess next they give her a trial and turn her over to a jury. If the jury acquits her, well, I'll probably blog nasty things about them, but for now- at least somebody recognized that her selfishness was more than that, and she's been charged with a crime.

Much better.

Now, what's the latest on Anna Ayala? Still trying to catch up with that one.

Previous posts about Wilbanks here and here.

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I have freakin' isues

I think I'm taking blogging a little too seriously...

So I had a dream last night that the Emperor linked to me. Do I need to make an appointment with the Bloggy Psychiatrist?

I swear... my subconscious mind just does whatever it friggin' wants. KrAzY.

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Category: Items of Bloggy Importance

May 24, 2005

Hooray! A list!

The Top Ten Reasons Why Being A Munuvian Is Keen:

10. Friggin' trackback, yo. (Never had this luxury before.)

9. Three columns. Soon. I hope. (I'm workin' on it, Eric. Thanks.)

8. Linky-love from my fellow Munuvians. Lotsa random hits from people pickin' at the MuNu Blogroll.

7. MuNu is tasty and nutritious.

6. The comments section isn't detached somewhere off in La-La Land.

5. The Moo-New Syndicate protects me from Evil Glenn.

4. Munuviana is the bomb. You've got questions, we've got answers.

3. People can actually comment with their own name- and if they piss me off, I can rewrite their crap. Mwheh.

2. It just is, okay? Deal with it.

And the number one reason why being a Munuvian is keen:

1. The Bloggmonster is nowhere to be found. I believe he's actually lost a lot of weight since I left. Poor starving critter.

In other words, Movable Type doesn't eat my friggin' post when I try to edit it. This is making quite the happy.

BONUS REASON: Extended entries. sweeeeeeeet.

'NUTHER BONUS REASON: You can go from post to post without having to go back to the homepage every time. S'very nice.

Shoot, a few more and I can change this to a "Top 20" list.

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Just one quick question

Is the penalty for treasonous conduct against the United States still death?

If so, I will be expecting, er... "closure" for this guy. Pronto.

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Filibuster this

Okay, I'll admit it- I'm not completely up to speed on the filibuster issue. I don't fully understand the differentiation between "judicial filibusters" and "legislative filibusters". I mean, I know that one is voting on judges and the other is voting on laws, but I don't see why filibusters are so discriminatory. Why does it make a difference what's being filibustered? Obviously, it's important, or else why all the drama, but what's the deal?

Now that I've established my stance of cluelessness, it's time for me to opine. I learned what a filibuster was in U.S. Government class, senior year. One of the very few classes in high school that taught me anything. A filibuster is a delaying tactic, and it's stopped by cloture. All well and nifty. Until now, I never really thought about "what the heck is the point?"

Seriously. Somebody tell me why filibusters exist at all. I'm ignorant! Educate me! Somebody please tell me that all this insanity in the Senate is at least for a good cause. Because- gasp- I thought the purpose of the Senate was to friggin' vote. That's the whole reason the Senate and the House exist- because the American people are too busy working to cast 200 million votes on every law, judge, and whathaveyou that comes up. So we hire the Congress, and they represent us.

Get it? They represent us. That means that if your Senator is one of the ones blocking anything from happening on this issue, you are effectively saying that you like the government to be on strike. If your Sentor is one of these "mavericks" that is swaying with the wind for political gain rather than just saying yes or freaking no, then your stance on government is that we shouldn't have a stance.

What the crap? Is there more to it than I'm seeing, or is the friggin' United States Senate on strike? What is the point of the filibuster?

Is it really this simple- "51 votes will pass a law, but we can filibuster the majority whenever we want, and it takes 60 votes to cloture, so unless the majority party has at least 60 Senators, we'll filibuster everything?" Is that the way it works or am I missing something? If that's the case, then nothing would ever get done in the Senate. Ever.

It's my understanding that in this little experiment we call "democracy", the majority rules. Yes, of course, the desires of the minority must be at least recognized, but it's pretty simple: The American people elected a majority of Republican House Representatives, a majority of Republican Senators, and a Republican President. I'm sorry, Mr. "Bush-doesn't-have-a-mandate", are we not being clear or loud enough? Is it not perfectly obvious what the majority in this country wants? Or do you Democratic Senators need to go back to twelfth friggin' grade and learn how our government works?

Minority. Does. Not. Rule. That's not how democracy works. That is oligarchy. And I'm not equating the Democratic Party to the Ba'athists here, but let's compare: Sunni Ba'athists, a minority party in Iraq- controlled Iraq through fear (Saddam), continue to try and control Iraq through- guess what? fear. (A great deal of the terrorists in Iraq are Sunnis and/or former Ba'athists.) Hat tip on that: MDG. What do the Democrats do? Even thought they're the minority, they're trying to dictate to the majority what the Senate can and can't vote on. Does this make sense to anybody? And, of course, when all else fails, they resort to fearmongering. "These judges are extremists! They'll revoke the Constitution! The planets will fall out of alignment if we vote! AAAaaahhh!!!"

It seems to me that the Democratic Party refuses to accept the obvious truth- they are not the majority. Can they really just sit down with their filibustering and shut down the government? Is it really that easy? And if so, how come nobody's ever thought of it before?

Note: That's what I got so far. It doesn't seem finished to me yet, but I ran out of crap to say. More later, maybe. Kindly provide input, and not necessarily just "yeah, you're right." Is there something I'm missing here? Because if it really is as easy as the Dems are making it look, then I have great fear for the future.

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I seriously hope you're doing research for a medical thesis or something.

To whomever was the sick, depraved psycho who just found this post from the old blog by searching for "possible to terminate pregnancy by hitting stomach", allow me to set you straight. Yes, it is possible. But, see, that would make you a murderer, even if you might get away with it by calling it an impromptu abortion.

I have a better idea for you: if you don't want to be a dad, cut off your little winkie. You won't have this problem in the future. Or, if the searcher was the mother, sew yourself up. But wait 'til the baby's born! ...'cuz you made it, you deal with it.

Sick pieces of crap. Grr.

Oh, and if this was somehow an honest question with no malice involved, all apologies. But I would really be curious how that's possible.

UPDATE: Hmm. Somebody else found the same post by looking for "Should pregnant teens be able to abort debate". I can help.

Answer: NO. And neither should pregnant young adults, pregnant middle-aged women, or pregnant old ladies. End of debate. Glad I could help.

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May 20, 2005

It's all gonna come atcha random-like

Well, I actually had plenty of bloggy time today, but I spent it reading the archives of the two newest additions to me blogroll. The first is Ma Deuce Gunner (hat tip: sarahk). I moseyed over there and the first thing I noticed was his tagline:


Well, that piqued my interest. And made me laugh. Explanation: The Ma Deuce is our pet name for the M-2 machine gun, which is pretty much the Bad MamaJama of U.S. Army machine guns. It's the .50-cal, which means that the round it fires is .50 inches in diameter- half an inch wide. Dirty Harry said something once about a .44 Magnum "blowing your head clean off"- well, MDG can correct me if I'm mistaken here, but one round from his fifty will chop your body in half.

So anyway, I read his blog, and it's good. Like really really good. He's in the middle of a tour in Iraq right now, and he has a unique perspective on how things are really going over there. Hint: it's not as bad as some would have us think! Plus he's a bad-pinkytoe Cav Scout, and that's just frickin' hooah.

The other blog I discovered because she's MDG's blogdaughter- Jennifer's Musings. I never imagined a 14-year-old girl could have such a firm grasp of the way things are in the world- she pretty much feels the same way I do about the war, the MSM, Hollyweird, liberal moobats, and above all Christ. If she understands things at her age, then Democrats in their forties have no excuse.

Oh, wait, they never did. Anywho. Go. Read now. I'll be here when you get done.

whistles idly, twiddles thumbs

Oh hey, you're back. Told ya they were good. On to the rest of the post.

Well, Adrian turned out to be largely a dud, thank God. Casualties were light to nonexistent- just a major nuisance. Okay, I can't say how big of a nuisance- I'm not a native El Salvadoran, I don't know what they went through. I imagine evacuating from there is more difficult than evacuating the Florida coast. I'm just thankful everybody's okay- a hurricane that would be an inconvience in the States can be a massacre in Central America.

As for me, my doom & gloom prediction was just that- Hurricane Adrian for me consisted of a drizzly, somewhat chilly day that reminded me of a typical summer day in Michigan. No wind. No power outages. No storms, even- just rain. Heck, it's rainy season here anyway- I guess the effect of ol' Adrian on this area is pretty much nil. Lord, thank You for taking care of us, and now- on to the weekend!

Oh, and Mother Nature- we're back on speaking terms. Good job.

That reminds me, if you click on that post's link, it'll look different 'cuz the NHC updated it. I really need to learn how to do screen caps.

Hmm, what else.

There's some picture going around of a crusty old man in his underpants. SITYSK's™ Official Position:

"What, he ain't dead yet?"


Guess that's all for now. Still don't know if I'll be able to post this weekend. buh-BYE.

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May 19, 2005

A very good question!

Somebody just Googled "stuff to buy an army guy". Thanks for asking. This Army Guy would like you to buy him a plane ticket home, a bootleg DVD of Episode III, a pepperoni pizza, some Dunkin' Donuts (double chocolate, if you please), and a hurricane survival kit. You're too kind.

UPDATE: Hmm... actually... if you hurry up with the plane ride I won't need the survival kit. And if you get me a ticket to Star Wars after you bring me back to the States I won't need the DVD, either. Yeah. Works better that way.

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Blogging will probably be lightnonexistent this weekend. Not by personal choice, or by being too busy- but because the Forces of Darkness™ seem to be attempting to stunt the growth of the new blog.

What the crap is up with this?

Look, Mother Nature, you better act right. My home is near Florida- so I already had my requisite extremely annoying hurricane season for this decade. So what happens? I come down here, and I get the very first one! You've obviously got some erroneous data, MothNat. Can I call you MothNat? Hurricane Adrian was supposed to be rescheduled when the Army sent me down here. Get it together, lady. This is no way to run a planet. You've exceeded my Hurricane Quota, and I'm reporting you to the union.

Silly Mother Nature.

Oh, and even if the hurricane doesn't severely jack up my weekend, rumor has it the server will be down anyway. Well, at least I have advance warning this time.


And to top it all off, I probably won't be able to see Revenge of the Sith for like a month or two. We don't exactly get movies when they come out here. Grr.

But, hey, on the bright side...



...there's got to be something...


Ooh! Ooh! I know! Comedy Central is showing this friggin' awesome movie Sunday night! Hooray! ...meow.

...I hope I have electricity then, what with Adrian and all.




This has been your Disgruntled-And-Looking-At-A-Crappy-Weekend post. Y'all take care now, y'hear?

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May 18, 2005

Me 'n' Mrs. R are on the same wavelength

If you haven't been to Are You Conservative? yet, you've been missing out. Observe:

True or False?

You suspect that American lefties are superior to European lefties because it is hard to imagine a liberal member of the United States Congress voluntarily appearing before the British Parliament for the sole purpose of spewing insults at its leadership on national television.

Conservative answer: True

See, I had a post I was conjuring up that was gonna be titled "I'm glad people like George Galloway exist," or something like that. The reason is that this r-r-raving idiot proves that moonbattery and dictatorial appeasement aren't uniquely American sicknesses. Then I stopped by AYC and saw that she beat me to the punch. Heh.

Watching our wonderful current crop of Democratic Senators act like this year's overpaid NHL crybabies- "We can't have things our way, so we're just gonna go on strike and shut down the U.S. Senate!"- is really starting to get to me. Making me think that the scales of Idiotarianism in America are tipping dangerously toward LaLaLiberalLand. Scary.

Then this idiot comes along, and puts everything in perspective. Oh- British people have insane moonbats too? Well, I know that- but they can get enough insane moonbats in one place to elect one of their own? Good! I was starting to think only Massachusetts and the People's Republik of the Left Koast™ did that. Now I know that it's not just an American problem. That gives me a warm fuzzy. Thanks, Mr. Galloway.

Oh, all satire aside- the Official Message of SITYSK™ to ol' Georgie:

Piss off, wanker. Not one intelligent person anywhere in the world believes you. Thanks for playing.

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Go, minions, go!

Hey, me and my old friend Anonymous are having an interesting and lively chat about the Eeeeeevils™ of Vietnam (at least I think that's the point he's trying to make) here. Feel free to offer rebuttals.

Man, I really gotta get the Blogger archives over here.

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i feel a bit tires i mean tired this morning just because i got up a canadian quater cents a

Somebody Googled that- and guess who was #1 on that particular list?

The world is a scary place.

"Who are you people?!" is a registered catch phrase of Semi-Intelligent Thoughts, Inc. All rights reserved.

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May 17, 2005

Still workin' on it

Yeesh. What a frickin' day. I had big plans to tweak the templates a bit, and post some content, and work on shutting down the ol' blog, and then...

Friggin' server was crapped out. All. Day. Long.

Now, this actually leads me into something I've been meaning to say anyway. I try not to complain about stuff if nobody's charging me for it. Like Hotmail is spitting out endless 404 pages as if it dropped off the world- but I'm not paying for it. Like the Air Force left me high and dry when I was trying to go home on leave- but it was free round-trip airfare. Like the Army-issue Internet here is normally speedy and reliable, but royally sucked today. I had fun poking fun at the Bloggmonster, but I'm not really mad at him. He was kinda cute, in a pull-out-your-hair-cuz-you-just-wasted-an-hour-writing-a-brilliant-post-and-he-friggin-ate-it kind of way. So- Bloggmonster- I've made you fat and happy, and now I'm leaving you to your Bog. (Splot.)

Did I mention I'm happy to be a Munuvian? I feel like a college freshman who got accepted into a frat. And you guys didn't even haze me. You love me! You really love me!

Wow. Me rambling. I did have a point at one time or another.

Well, as long as I'm rambling, lemme just go with it.

Thanks for stopping by (and leaving comments, if applicable). But I wanna make sure everybody's aware of one thing- this blog is still in its infancy, and although I got about 70% of my template straight, there's still much work in the days ahead. So if things look funny from time to time, just be patient. Especially if you see something that's bright friggin' red- that means it's under construction. If you see something that doesn't quite look like it belongs with the rest of the blog, it's probably something I missed, please bring it to my attention. If something about the way it looks or is set up just irritates you, lemme know, I might change it. This is a reader-friendly blog, yo. TL mentioned that the bright blue links sucked- so I changed 'em. (It was the only stinkin' thing I was able to get done this morning- horrible, dirty crashed server.) See? Input=Results. Especially if you're Tao Libra, 'cuz I'm scared of him. Heh.

On that note, what'chy'all think of the bright-aqua-on-blue? Does that work? I can't tell...

Ugh. Can't remember if there was anything else I was gonna mention. But I think it's about time for this puddle-of-conciousness babbling to end. I still have to catch up on my daily blog-reading.

Um- Be frutiful, and do long division, or something.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, until I get the Blogger archives imported to here, feel free to visit the old site. There's plenty of reading material over there.

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May 16, 2005

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Final!!!

(cue triumphal music)

And the secret we've all been waiting for is...

SITYSK™ has moved!

Oh, yeah!

The BlogFather, CD, recently extended a saving hand to this poor downtrodden victim of the Bloggmonster. He ushered me into the Great and Wonderful land of Munuviana. After Pixy Misa issued me my green card to enter the world of MuNu, and Jim set me up with me new blog, I set about making it look the way I want.

And then for a while I worked on getting it how I wanted it.

And then I spent a little more time making it the way I want it to be.

... get the hint. Get it? Hint? This is the cause of all the hints of late- they were leading you to the New and Improved SITYSK™-


Sorry, I'm just a bit excited. I'm a Munuvian! Woohoo! So. All you Loyal Readers™- that's where I'll be. All the Alliance members- got some new digs. All the people that keep coming here to read my rants on Anna Ayala- there'll be more over there. And that girl(s?) that keeps Googling things like "how to tell if a guy is into you"- uh, I think you're missing the point of this blog, but hey! I'll take all kinds. Over there.

Go. Read now. Me happy.

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(cue trumpets)

Hooray! After about four days of rewriting HTML to the point of insanity (around that whole "job" thing with some of that "sleep" stuff thrown in there, of course) the New and Improved SITYSK™ is upon us!

First of all, some Thankyas:

To CD, for bringing me into the Blogosphere, and then offering me an escape route from the clutches of the Bloggmonster.

To Pixy, for the subsequent green card.

To Jim, for helping me get this thing off the ground.

To Susie and Debbye, for the "Yay!"s.

And, of course, to my Loyal Readers™... I hope you guys followed me here from the Bog*Splot. Otherwise this is gonna get real boring real fast.

Kay. I'm pretty much blahgged out. I got it looking halfway decent around here (I hope), but I still have a ton of work to do in the next couple weeks or so. More on that crap later. Too tired.

Anywho. Input would be very welcome. I don't have much content here yet 'cuz I haven't written much lately (aside from blog templates), but that'll be here soon. But lemme know whatcha think about the way it's laid out- I'm not the artistic sort, so I said, "Mm. Gray and blue. Yup," and pretty much left it at that.

Alrightythen. My brain is fried. Me go home now.

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Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Fifth

This should be the last hint. The Project™ is just about done... (seriously, this time...)

The hint goes like so:

The only thing I really have left to do is move over all the entries from the blog you're reading now.

There. No more hints! Ever! MUAH HA HAA!!!

If all continues to go well, I'll be able to make the announcement by this evening.

UPDATE: Um... did ya miss it? Scroll up.

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Newsweek is dumb.

Well, I s'pose I oughta chime in on this latest insanity that's captured the Hearts And Minds™ of the right side of the blogosphere. I don't intend to repeat what everyone else is saying, 'cuz I pretty much agree with them, but look. They keep saying they ran their questions past some unnamed member of SOUTHCOM (United States Southern Command, of which I happen to be a member). And that person didn't say anything.


Silence isn't compliance, morons. Not with something like this. If you came up to me and asked me some crap about Korans being flushed down the toilet (or anything else I'm clueless about), you're gonna get- and I quote: "No comment." If you don't leave me alone, you might get something like "Git outta my face, silly media ape," depending on what kind of day I'm having.

Would any sane person anywhere take that to mean that I have witnessed first-hand, or maybe even participated in, flushing Korans down the toilet?


(whispering)- we'll give the Media Apes a few more seconds to scratch their heads and grunt.

Answer: No. No, it wouldn't. Not at all. Morons.

Thatisall. (For now.)

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Newsweek is dumb.

Well, I s'pose I oughta chime in on this latest insanity that's captured the Hearts And Minds™ of the right side of the blogosphere. I don't intend to repeat what everyone else is saying, 'cuz I pretty much agree with them, but look. They keep saying they ran their questions past some unnamed member of SOUTHCOM (United States Southern Command, of which I happen to be a member). And that person didn't say anything.


Silence isn't compliance, morons. Not with something like this. If you came up to me and asked me some crap about Korans being flushed down the toilet (or anything else I'm clueless about), you're gonna get- and I quote: "No comment." If you don't leave me alone, you might get something like "Git outta my face, silly media ape," depending on what kind of day I'm having.

Would any sane person anywhere take that to mean that I have witnessed first-hand, or maybe even participated in, flushing Korans down the toilet?


(whispering)- we'll give the Media Apes a few more seconds to scratch their heads and grunt.

Answer: No. No, it wouldn't. Not at all. Morons.

Thatisall. (For now.)

UPDATE: Aww, how sweet. They've retracted the story.

Not good enough. Not any more. Let's see you out the idiots that wrote and published it. Then maybe you'll seem like you're sincere.

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Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Fourth

This morning's hint:

So far it's mostly shades of gray, with some blue thrown in. But that's 'cuz I'm not very artistic- that color scheme might not survive the final cut.

(cue theme from Jeopardy)

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May 15, 2005

Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Third

No hints right now. Too stinkin' tired to think of any.

(read: if I really work my butt off today, I can tell you about it before we run out of weekend.)
Well, I didn't work quite hard enough, I guess. I swear, it's getting close. Been rewriting HTML like I ain't got no sense.

Hmm- maybe that could pass as the third hint. Me tired. Me sleep now.

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Really Big Neat Happenings™, Part The Second

Ooh! Ooh! Second hint!


The wonderful secret is almost ready to be revealed!
(read: if I really work my butt off today, I can tell you about it
before we run out of weekend.)

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Really Big Neat Happenings™

It's time for your first hint!


That's it. No more hints.

...for now.

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May 14, 2005

Just messin' around...

...tryin' to get 'er set up.

And that's all I got to say.

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Don't fret...

If things start looking really weird, I'm just messing around with stuff in preparation for the Really Big Neat Happenings™ that are occuring here this weekend. Stay tuned.

No hints yet!!!

UPDATE: The weirdness never really materialized, except for about five minutes this afternoon. But the Really Big Neat Happenings™ are underway...

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gettin' started...

Hey, how ya doin'. I'm guessing if you're reading this one of two things happened. Either you (a) saw the link at Munuviana and came to check it out, or (b) by some freakish coincidence, you were wandering about the Internet and somehow ended up here. Well, if it's (a), welcome! ...but I ain't ready for guests yet, sorry. Still working on getting everything set up and cozy. Hopefully I'll be all moved in (or at least have some kind of entertaining content) here by Sunday evening. If it's (b), well, I don't know how you got here to this as-yet empty blog, but kindly visit the ol' site here. If you like what you see, keep checking back here, 'cuz this is my new home. Hooray!

Um, see ya later. Yup.

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May 13, 2005


...almost... ...the... ...weekend...


i think i can, i think i can, i think i can...


Can ya tell I'm freakin' wore out? Doggoneit, I needed to save some bloggy energy for tomorrow! Major happenings in the World of SITYSK™!


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HA! Busted! You horrible lying wench!

Just go read it. I knew she was lying.

More later, maybe. I'm busy reveling in the fact that her lies are catching up with her.

(What the heck is he talking about?)

UPDATE: Holy crap, a lot of people are finding SITYSK™ from searches for Anna Ayala. (Still get a few for Anna Alaya too- same lady, believe it or not.)

Well, y'all, you will find that I have no respect whatsoever for that lady, but feel free to peruse th' ol' blog for rants on other stupid people, too. I don't just dislike Anna Ayala- I'm also openly biased against Jennifer Wilbanks, Idiotic Liberals, Mikey the Moore-on, Evil Terrorists, MS-13, Commie Dirtbags, and most of Europe. Feel the love.

Oh, there's people I like- it's just not as fun to write about them. Heh.

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Running six miles in the burnin' Central American sun is bad for you.

Well, I'm sure people will disagree with that. But this is my blog, where my insignificant, flawed opinions reign supreme. HA!

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May 12, 2005

Three quick thoughts

Things are happening in the world today. I must throw in my 2¢. Wait, does it make it 6¢, since I'm doing it three times? Wouldya settle for a nickel?

Anyway. Thing #1:

Tow trucks won't obey the stupid new Chrysler policy. (Y'know, this policy here?)

Good on them. I think that's friggin' hilarious.

Thing #2:

The cops in Australia have to deal with the same insane people we have here.

Man, she's lucky. If I was a cop and somebody- anybody- kicked and/or bit my partner, the first thing I would do is come across their face with my nightstick. Then I'd pull the gun and arrest them.

Argh. Sometimes I really hate people.

Hat tips on both: Fark

Thing #3: Just wanna send support and appreciation to my brothers-in-arms layin' the smackdown over there in western Iraq. Kill 'em all, fellas, and let God sort 'em out.

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Things, they are a'changin', here at good ol' SITYSK™

Hey everybody-

Not a lot of time for blogging yesterday. Or today. And tomorrow doesn't look real good either.

However- big fun surprisy things are in store. I'll probably be able to tell ya over the weekend sometime.

'Til then, no hints.


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May 11, 2005


Keen. I'm the #1 Google search for "i like israel".

That makes me feel kinda special.

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May 09, 2005

Today's (Second) Moment of Asininity™ brought to you by:

One of the many Communist Campuses of California.

Apparently it's no longer PC enough to not want to know someone's sexual preference.


I don't really have much to add than what Steve already said. I think the weight of all that politically correctness is gonna cause Cali to tip over into the Pacific.

Um, I don't have a Second Moment of Hilarity to balance this one out. If you need some more funny, IMAO has enough to go around.

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Concert! Music! Fun!

Hey, I just got an email from Angel over at aapavatar. (Oh yeah, now I know who to thank...) They've arranged a concert in support of the troops that you should check out if you're in the area (Marylandish). Should be a rockin' good time, yo.

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Today's Moment of Hilarity™ brought to you by:

Fark. Scroll down a ways, you'll see the "SPIFFY" tag next to (, which will take you to this nifty story. It's cool that NPR has taken notice of Strong Bad, but that's not the Moment of Hilarity™. The funny was in the phrase "All things fhqwhgads". That one word, fhqwhgads, causes instant laughter to emanate from my person. Why?

Why, you ask?

I see you have not been enlightened.

Well, I think it's pretty friggin' funny.

There. I have managed to offset the Moment of Asininity™ with some funny. Much better.

UPDATE: An experiment. Observe. I /

Interesting. The upper-case, italicized letter I is nearly the same as a slash. Only when they're next to each other can one tell them apart.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm filing it away under Stuff I Think I Should Know. Might come in handy one day.

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Today's Moment of Asininity™ brought to you by:


I saw this nonsense this morning on CNN, but it turned up in my daily Fark sweep, so they get the link. It would appear that an automotive plant is blacklisting and punishing its employees for driving the wrong car.

Workers at DaimlerChrysler's Indiana Transmission Plant I and Plant II better allow more time to walk in from the parking lot if they drive Fords or General Motors vehicles.
Um, screw you, no. If it takes me an extra five minutes to cross the parking lot because of this crap, then I'll be five minutes late. If it's raining, my first stop after punching my time card will be the bathroom to dry off.

A new policy that takes effect Monday designates about 80 percent of employee parking spaces for Chrysler vehicles only and forces workers to park much further away if they drive a car or truck made by a competing manufacturer.
...I'm ashamed that this is coming from an American car company. I really am.

In case employees forget, there's new blue lines painted on the parking lot and signs that declare "DaimlerChrysler Parking Only" and "DaimlerChrysler Vehicle Parking."
I'm seeing vandalism waiting in the wings here. Graffiti can be fun.
Workers have been told that non-Chrysler vehicles parked in the reserved areas will be towed to Indianapolis at a cost of $200, the Kokomo Tribune reported Sunday.
Well, sure, that sounds fair. Um, wait, no.
Chrysler spokesman Edward Saenz said most Chrysler plants across the country have similar parking policies, but he did not know exactly how many. Both transmission plants have ample parking, and the new policy does not apply to vehicles with handicap plates, he said.

"It is a management initiative, but we believe it has wide support from the employees," Saenz said. "It's a local decision."

Did you check that data against the percentage of employees who don't currently own Chryslers?

Didn't think so. Bet you'll find that if 15% of your employees drive something else, then this policy will have 85% support.

The plants posted signs and painted the new lines about two weeks ago, he said. Employees began receiving non-compliance warnings last week leading up to this week's enforcement.

Nine-year employee Bill Parks considers the new policy "a form of harassment." He drives a Pontiac, made by GM.

Harassment, heck. Get this man a lawyer, wouldya?

"I think we have other issues going on in the company besides where to park your vehicle," Parks said.
He isn't disabled but has a back condition that occasionally flares up. He bought his Pontiac as a second vehicle because he didn't want to go into debt with two new Chrysler vehicles. "I tried to find a good Dodge vehicle when I was buying this one, but I couldn't find one at the time," he said.
Obviously not good enough for The Big Boss Man.
Chris Koors said he has generally parked in an isolated area to avoid damage to his Chrysler truck. Last Thursday, he found it surrounded by non-Chrysler vehicles.
See, it's even screwing over the guys that do have Chryslers!
"They need to buy what we build," Koors said, gesturing toward the non-Chrysler vehicles.

In the 1970s and early '80s, when Chrysler was experiencing layoffs, Koors said his father, also a Chrysler employee, would describe foreign-made vehicles that were flipped upside down if parked in the company's parking lot.

Hmm... being from around Detroit, I can almost understand that...

"It's not about American made or union made, it's about our company," he said. "Drive what you build if you want your company to survive."
Go stand in the corner and think about what you just said. I worked at an A&W for two years. Loved the food there- but did I feel like a traitor if I went to Burger King?

I'm sure there's a few people there that refuse to buy Chryslers for purely spiteful reasons. But I'm willing to bet that most of the people that work there that don't own a Chrysler don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Listen, idjuts. I'm from frickin' Motown, where it's all about The Big Three. My dad worked for GM for fifteen years. I grew up indoctrinated with the idea that owning a Japanese car made you less of an American. I still carry a great deal of that to this day, as narrow-minded as that can make me at times.

I consider myself to be a Ford guy. My first two cars were Escorts. (First one was an old beater that Dad found for me and I paid for, second one was a hand-me-down from him- both purchased while he was designing chassis for GM. Hmm.) When I got married and we needed a car that wasn't well-worn like my beloved Escort, me and me wife (who is a diehard Dodge girl) bought a used Chevy Monte Carlo. Are we now "Chevy people"? No. It's what we could friggin' afford.

This policy is insane and ridiculous. You want your employees to drive your cars, fine. Make a reward or some kind of incentive program for employees that buy Chryslers. But you can't punish your employees for driving something else. This is America- we have that little thing called freedom of choice.


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Bloggers in distress!

Hey, do any of you Loyal Readers of the SITYSK™ live near Indianapolis? If so, then two of me fellow LCs could use your help. Mamamontezz and delftsman had some non-drivin' imbecile total out all three of their parked cars over the weekend. If anybody can lend 'em a hand, that'd be great. And if you see somebody driving around the area in an Oldsmobile with no grill, box him in and make a citizen's arrest. But don't kill him, at least not until delftsman gets the insurance straightened out.

If nothing else, keep them in your prayers. As Mamamontezz pointed out, if the cars hadn't have been there, there was nothing stopping the idiot from hitting the house. Sounds to me like the Lord was watching over them.

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May 08, 2005

Just what the Sam Hill do you think you're doing?!

Well? It's Mother's Day! Why are you sitting on your butt reading SITYSK™? I mean, I appreciate your loyalty, but the blahg will still be here tomorrow. Go grab your mom, and take her someplace nice. Go. Now.


For those of you that didn't immediately follow my advice, noticed that the post hasn't ended yet, and/or were curious, this will be SITYSK's™ First Annual Ode To All Mommies Everywhere.

To my grandmothers- thanks for my parents. 'Preciate that.

To my wife, at home raising the boys while I'm away- You have way more intestinal fortitude than I. I wouldn't be able to make it without you.

To my daughter, who'll be born in August- thanks in advance for all the future grandbabies that I'll get to spoil mercilessly and then give back.

To all the blogger/mommies out there that I'm aware of- (Michelle, Kate, and Kris)- this is your day. Take a bow.*

And, of course, I saved the best for last. To Mom- well, what more can you say for someone without whom you wouldn't be alive? Thanks, and luvya.

There! Enough SITYSK™! Go pamper your mommy!


*- (whispering)- if you're a blogger/mommy and I didn't give you your props, lemme know, and I'll fix the situation...

(more whispering)- to everybody visiting from basil or debbye's blogs- didn't mean to scare ya off- feel free to poke araound... and then go take your mom out...

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May 07, 2005

Victory in Europe

There is some ambiguity as to what day V-E Day actually falls on. The Germans actually surrendered on the 7th, and it was made formal on the 8th- but interestingly, the agreed date for celebration was May 9th, which journalists amusingly farbled up. I'm kinda splitting the difference between the 7th and the 8th by posting real late on the evening of May 7.

Okay, fine, ya got me. I was gonna write this earlier but the creativity meter was low. Couldn't write. But it worked out, anyway.

Well, todaythis weekend we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the fall of one of the most notorious, foulest, and most inhumane empires ever to fester on our planet. I can't decide whether to go on a lengthy rant about Nazism, to sing the praises of great generals like Ike and Patton, or to tell you all to go find a D-Day or Bulge veteran and shake their hand.

But I'll turn to Stephen E. Ambrose for help on this one:

V-E Day, 1945, was the occasion for the greatest outburst of joy in human history. Indeed, except for the Japanese and a few fanatic Nazis, everyone in the world was overjoyed. The end of the war was the single best thing that could happen to every person alive in 1945. Âą
And it remains one of the best things that's ever happened to the world, before or since. So- I'll keep this short and sweet, and give a big, hearty
to all the men of that Greatest Generation who fought and died in countless villages across Italy, France, the Low Countries, and Germany, so I can breathe free air today.

1- Victory in Europe: May 1945

From Americans at War
©1997 by University Press of Mississippi

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May 06, 2005


So, I, uh, wrote this like, a week ago...

...asking the People™ for some quotes...

And I quote: heh heh... get it? ...quote? ...ahh, never mind.

Oh, and I decided to make a spot for Nifty Quotes™. But I don't have any yet. So, uh, let's have some quotes, eh.
So what's up? C'mon, this is your chance to have your name forever associated with SITYSK™- think what that could mean when I take over the world!

...or do I just lift random bits from comments that have already been left?

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Blogroll updates

Hey, all-

Finally got around to tidying up my blogroll.

Dirty Harry, who used to post at Stranded On Blue Islands, has long since moved to Jackson's Junction. I'm just now- finally- getting around to checking it out.

Two very well-known bloggers, Ambra Nykol and Arthur Chrenkoff, have finally crossed my radar and become regular reads for me.


With finality. And finally, I will count up the number of times a variation of the word "final" was used in this post., 123456, um, that last one is 7.

Final count: sevennope, make it eight.

UPDATE: uh, or maybe Dirty Harry is here. Me confused now. Another update whenever I figure it out.

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Hmm... feelings mixed...

Well, I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or break out the M-16.

What the crap is this?

I'm not sure if I'm mildly amused at their insanity, righteously furious at their vileness, or saddened that people like this give the rest of America a bad name.

Too bad I don't get to pick and choose whose freedoms I'll defend.

Oh well... "It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them."
-Deuteronomy 32:35, NIV

Their day will come.

Hat tip: Emperor Misha

UPDATE: Interesting. The guy says he lives near Syracuse. Maybe I can hire CD to put out a hit on him...

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Hey, back last month when I was blogging about the Wendy's Finger-in-the-Chili lady, I was misspelling her name.


I wondered why, at the time, I was getting mad hits for people doing searches for "Anna Alaya". I thought it was odd that with all the media coverage she was getting, so many people would be stopping by little ol' SITYSK™ to see what I had to say. Turns out they were simply misspelling her name in the search, and it was leading them here.

Well, for the record, her name is Anna AYALA. I still have zero respect for her, and I'm still waiting for word of her punishment, but I wanted to make sure I at least got her name right.

However, after much contemplation, I've decided not to go through the archives and change all the times I spelled her name wrong. After all, her alternate name has brought me much traffic. Heh.

Maybe in the future, if I want lots of traffic on someone, I'll just oopso their name a bit. Or is that too shady?

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And now, for today's Random Thought™

Hmm. As the insurgencywave of terrorism seems to be in high gear this week, it got me thinking.

Maybe... this could be a valuable lesson for America.

I believe that one of the many things Americans learned from 9/11 is that evil is out there. Now, that's a whole different issue- first of all, I already knew that, and so did most rational Americans. Secondly, a great deal of Americans who learned that lesson in September '01 have obviously since forgotten it. But it was quite a wake-up call for mainstream America.

A lot of the people who are against the war, or maybe riding the fence, are doubtless the same people who think Israel is this big mean bully that likes to kill innocent Arabs. As anyone with common sense and a little knowledge of Middle Eastern history can tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Israel has been a nation for 57 years now. In that time they have suffered through three all-out invasions. At least three times they have been in a life-or-death struggle for independence. In between, there have been smaller conflicts, and of course, nearly continuous terrorist strikes.

Most Americans think the War on Terror began on 9/11. Incorrect. That is when the war was declared, by us- or maybe that's when we finally woke up and realized that the terrorists had been at war with us for decades. The USS Cole. The African embassies. The WTC bombing. Beirut. Khobar Towers. Mogadishu. Hundreds and hundreds of Americans had been killed to terrorism before 9/11- and in the feel-good era of the Clintonian '90s, they were screamed about on news networks for whole days. Days, I tell ya!

Well, all but the most insane of moonbats can now see that there are in fact terrorists out there who intend to do us harm. And they realize that, like it or not, we are at war. Against an enemy which mostly operates through single acts of bombing- whether done by suicide vests, car bombs, or IEDs. A whole lot of single acts of bombing, yes, but they are using the only feasible method remaining to them.

This brand of terrorism is nothing new. Not in the slightest. It may be new to a lot of Americans, but only if they haven't been paying attention. Arab Muslim terrorists have been using these techniques against Israeli soldiers and civilians for decades. Just like they do today, against the U.S. military and Iraqis trying to rebuild their country- it's the only method they have.

I don't think anyone saw the insurgencyterrorist uprising coming. We figured, take out Saddam, defeat his army, and do a little cleanup. Now, for all those that think democracies can just happen overnight- go back to your history books, it took the United States thirteen years. But nobody foresaw Paleswinian-style terrorism on a major scale.

So what I was thinking was this: Maybe- just maybe- if Americans who don't understand why Israel is constantly blowing up and shooting Palestinians, they should consider this scenario: American forces, still in Iraq, dealing with the same enemy. In 2060. That's 57 years after we moved into Iraq. How much patience do you think we'd have at that point?

Or how about this. The terror bombings we see daily on TV, here at home. Not just one isolated (horrible, yes- massive, yes- four planes, yes- but still just one) incident. Bombings every day. Your local police department, blown up. Your grocery store, blown up. The train you take to get to work, blown up. The car in front of you on the highway, blown up.

Would you be comfortable living in perpetual fear, never knowing if the place you happened to have the bad luck of being at was the next target? Nowhere, anywhere, ever finding safety? Not your home, not your car, not your job, not your church, not any place you choose to enjoy a little R&R? Movie theaters, sports arenas, restaurants, bars, anywhere?

D'ya think maybe then we'd get the hint?

People think the War on Terror started for America on September 11. Well, it started for the Israelis the day they became a country- and it hasn't stopped yet.

And now, it's time to get to The Point™. I realize that probably nobody who reads this blog has moonbattish or pro-Palestinian thoughts on Israel. But if you do, consider that awful possibility- that what they go through every day by virtue of being stuck in the Middle East could come here one day. Maybe just as 9/11 taught us that we're in a new world with new rules, the insurgencybunch of morons with too much access to explosives can teach us to be a little nicer to Israel.

This concludes SITYSK's™ Whirlwind Of High Praise For Countries
That Don't Piss Us Off. (See previous post.)

Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.

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British Elections

Nothing real surprising there, just figured that since I gave my 2¢ on potential outcomes, I oughta do a followup.

The elections turned out pretty much as expected. Tony Blair is still Prime Minister, albeit with a much slimmer party majority.

Random bits from the article:

...Conservative Party leader Michael Howard said he planned to step down because "I did not achieve what I set out to achieve." He said he would stay on until the party considers whether to change the rules governing the choice of his successor.
Can I take this at face value? I certainly wouldn't if an American politician said it. "I wanted to win, I didn't, the people have spoken, I'll retire after this." Is it as simple as that? If so, kudos to Mr. Howard. That's a lesson lost on American politicians- how to gracefully accept defeat. Or is that just Al Gore and John Kerry?
The battering Blair took over Iraq during the campaign suggested that any future British leader will probably be wary of backing Washington militarily in the face of hostile domestic opinion.
I certainly hope not. I am happy to count the U.K. as my country's closest and truest friend- constantly and consistently- over the last century. Kudos to Mr. Blair for doing what was right regardless of public opinion.

Reader's Digest a few months ago had an article about Bush and Blair- how they grew up in the footsteps of that great friendship between FDR and Churchill. How the alliance was continued between Reagan and Maggie Thatcher. And how America and Great Britain always, always go to bat for each other. There are a great many countries in the world that I am wary of, many more that I genuinely dislike. There are only three countries that I really admire- America, obviously; Israel, for putting up with endless terorism and refraining from turning the Middle East into a parking lot these last forty years; and the United Kingdom, for aforementioned reasons.

A politically weakened Blair... could find it difficult to persuade British voters to approve a proposed constitution for the European Union, which requires ratification by all member states.
You say that like it's a bad thing. I don't know his stance on this issue, but maybe he should tell them not to sacrifice their independence to the inContinent.

Gosh, look at the time. Gotta go to lunch. Anyway, that's what I think.

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Category: I Like Britain

Today's Nifty Weird Thing is brought to you by:

Funny Fun Pages.

Try this. I'm sure if you're a math whiz you'll see how it works, but for the rest of us, it's friggin' weird.

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May 05, 2005

Help stop the Communist Party of the USAACLU

Interesting... the ACLU wants Christian churches to pay taxes, but believes the tax-exempt status should remain in effect for other religions- namely, Satanists...

Good to know that they consider themselves to be acting in the best interests of the United States.

Hat tip: basil

UPDATE: Hooray for getting excited and linking before even reading the whole thing. This is a Blogburst (just now realized it). If what the un-American inCivil anti-Liberties Union- er, the Anti-Christian Lunatics United- um, whatever their name is- does to your freedoms bothers you, you should join in.

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Happy birthday, La Shawn!

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May 04, 2005

Worldwide Democracy in Action, Part Three Thousand and Sixty-Two

Well, in a few hours the good citizens of the United Kingdom will wake up and go vote. I myself am very much a novice when it comes to the British electoral system, so this post will be based on conjecture and things I think I know but am not sure about. Now that we know what kind of shaky ground we're on here, I'll put forth some opinions.

The way I see it, whichever way the British vote, America wins. If they reinstate Tony Blair (as expected), then Bush gets to keep his steadfast partner in the War on Terror. If they vote Blair out, then the Conservative Party will be in charge, and I would generally view that as a good thing. I take issue with Michael Howard calling Blair a liar about the war in Iraq- but to be honest, it's quite literally news to me, as I just read it, just now, in the story I linked. So I don't know what's really going on there. It's just that when I hear accusations of lying about war flying around, it gives me flashbacks to idiotic moonbatted Dems last fall.

So. Go, fellow English-speaking believers in freedom and democracy, and choose your future. One thing I can promise you- as ignorant as I am of your political system, nobody at SITYSK™ (with our massive editorial staff of one) will ever mock your decision, even if we think it doesn't make much sense.* There won't be any of that crap some of your more... ignorant... citizens chose to spew after we showed the world we still supported President Bush. America is my country, and last I checked, the U.K. is yours. So of course I want what's best for America, regardless, but you guys pick who's best for you. Cheers, or something.

*- This promise is null and void if Charles Kennedy somehow becomes your new PM. When I see "Liberal", "Democrat", and "Kennedy" all together in a sentence like that, it makes me kinda queasy.

UPDATE: My take on the election results here.

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Hey, let me shoot him, I'm not an Israeli

Interesting interview. A FOX reporter meets with an aspiring terrorist.

Rafat Moussa Turkouman has a face you don’t want to forget.
Yeah, I'll be on the lookout for him if I'm ever in Tel Aviv.
He looks like your average 20-year-old, but this young Palestinian from Jenin was a member of the Islamic Jihad with dreams of becoming a homicide bomber and plans to blow up a bus in Tel Aviv.
How does one "dream" of blowing oneself up? The dream doesn't get past that point does it? Kind of a short dream. I'd dream about all the cool stuff I'd have to do before then.


In the interview among tombstones in a local graveyard, the boyish, clean-cut young man with an easy laugh said he was willing to kill himself and others “because of the Israeli aggression against our people, the violence we watch on TV of them killing our children, assassinating our people.”
So are you aware that you've been completely brainwashed? Did they tell you about the 72 goats, too?
But the recent ceasefire in the region put Turkouman’s plans on hold.
Man, that's gotta be traumatic.

"Rafat, what you got goin' on this afternoon?"

"Well, Abdullah, I was gonna blow myself up, but this stupid cease-fire, man. Sucks. Let's go to the mall."


FOX News asked Turkouman whether he was glad the brigade convinced him not to carry out a homicide bombing. He didn’t understand the question, but replied “yes” after some members whispered to him.

Turkouman didn’t seem able to think for himself. He barely understood FOX’s questions, even in his native Arabic, and the brigade commanders told him what to say. He appeared extremely vulnerable to peer pressure.

So he's a puppet (I would guess most suicide bombers are) and he lets others do his talking. What an influential guy.

But to the Israelis, Turkouman is a ticking bomb and should be diffused.
No kidding.
In the past, when the Israelis had intelligence about a bomber, they’d storm his hiding place in the West Bank to pre-empt the attack.
I love FOX. Reuters would've written that sentence like this:

"In the past, when the spies at Mossad thought some random Palestinian might be dangerous one day, the invading Israeli army would bomb his mosque, shell his town, rape his wife and murder his children. Then they'd arrest him."

Sorry. Just seemed like a good time to take a shot at the MSM. Moving on...

[snip] blah blah blah some terrorists are waiting to find out when they can kill women and children again blah blah blah [snip]

But what is particularly troubling is that Turkouman says he hasn’t abandoned his plan of conducting a homicide bombing if he gets the chance.

“If the ceasefire collapses, I will go for it again,” he told FOX News, laughing.

Well, the Israelis should put out an APB on this guy and demand that the Paleswinians arrest him and hand him over. It really is too bad they can't just shoot him right now, but a cease-fire is a cease-fire. What's really surprising is the terrorists are actually upholding it.

Well, if the Israelis can't shoot him yet, maybe somebody else can. FOX should've sent Melinda Hawkish. She'd have done the job.

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May 03, 2005

More on The One That Got Away™

Hey, now that more things are starting to come to light regarding the selfishness level of Jennifer Wilbanks, I was thinking up a good rebuttal to what I said the other day. Fortunately (since I have a lot to do today), Kate beat me to it, and said pretty much what I would've said anyway. So I can just be lazy and link to her. Go. Read now.

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May 02, 2005


Strong Bad is now in the business of selling Swiss Cake Rolls. Watch carefully, you'll see 'em.

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Some babblings on Social Security

Um- just how stupid are the Democrats? And how stupid do they think the average John Q. Taxpayer is? Bush tries to get it across over and over that the Social Security system is broke, and must be fixed. But the Dems have their heads in the sand- or else they're attempting to fleece 300 million people.

Look. I started working when I was fifteen. I already understood the concept of federal and state income taxes, so it wasn't a surprise when they were deducted. However (and my dad will still attest to this) I looked at my first check and said "Who the heck is FICA and why are they taking money out of my check?" Thus I was introduced to the world of payroll taxes. It didn't take me long to start asking questions about Social Security- I wanted to know that my money was at least being stolen for a good cause.

I would say I was probably sixteen when I realized the extremely obvious truth- Social Security will go broke. How can anyone not see that? Simple math- if it's barely holding its own with the baby boomers working, my generation starting to work, and the WWII generation being the retirees- how do you expect it to survive the retiring of the entire baby boomer generation?

If the baby boomers had been wise enough to ignore that "The world is overpopulated! We're all gonna starve!" crap, and had collectively decided to raise a generation with enough new young'uns (like myself) to replace the gap they leave in the workforce, Social Security would probably be just fine. But no. Or maybe if they hadn't murdered 40 million of their babies, some of those kids would be providing some sort of contribution to society now. But my generation now has the dicey problem of not being big enough to support all of our parents. So we're stuck (once again) with the crap we inherited, and we somehow have to support the baby boomers into retirement.

I don't have a problem supporting my parents (neither of whom are yet retired), or retirees in general. They've done their share. They worked until they couldn't go no more, and now it's my job. My pastor taught it like this: a person's life has three stages- learning (school-age), earning (workers), and returning (retirees). The workers- the people between twentysomething and fifty or sixtysomething- are the ones responsible for keeping the economy going through their work.

But the system as it is will die. If you know that in advance, and you do nothing, it's on your hands. I figured this out when I was a teenager. I figured out that when the baby boomers retire, the system will collapse. It's simple math. And people who are leading this country would try and tell me not to worry? Are you, Mister Been-A-Senator-For-Longer-Than-I've-Been-Friggin'-Alive, dumber now than I was when I was a punk kid? Wow.

I don't know the ins and outs of Bush's plan. I keep hearing people ramble on about how it involves stocks and bonds and all this complicated crap. I keep hearing that his plan will force us all to invest our money into accounts we know nothing about. Typical Democrap scare tactics. If they would pay attention for about a second and a half, they would hear the phrase "give the workers a choice to put some of their money in private accounts." This is one of the major differences between Right and Left- the Dems think the government should control everything. I mean, gosh, they were smart enough to get elected- they must be smart enough to know better than me how to handle my own money! Right? Right?

Uh, no.

Well, that's what they think. What do conservatives basically think? You earned it, you invest it as you see fit. Sounds reasonable- matter of fact, that's the only option I'm willing to discuss. If "being able to invest some of my money into private accounts" is the best I can get right now, well, so be it- for now. But I can't settle for anything less than "oh, you worked for this? Why don't you keep it?" And neither should anybody else.

I caught a glimpse of Scott McClellan dealing with a press conferenceroomful of stupid reporters today. One of them brought up how everybody should be scared that Bush said the way SS works is basically a file cabinet full of IOUs. The reporter showed a remarkable lack of financial knowledge, and Scott showed remarkable restraint. Because that's exactly what it is- I pay the governmentwatch the government steal a significant chunk of my wages every two weeks, and they tell me they'll pay it back one day. Well, any fool can see the obvious- what President Bush shouldn't have to spell out to moronic Democrats- that if things stay the way they are, there's no way I'll ever get all that money back. Something has to change in order for me to get my money- either my kids and grandkids will be paying 75% of their paycheck to pay my Social Security, or the SS system must be drastically altered now. Twenty years ago would've been better, but since people didn't want to fix it then, let's do it now. Right now.

'Cuz it's real simple. I'm going to cash in on those "IOUs". Oh yes. I will be getting my money back. If the Dems want to undermine Bush (since he's apparently the first person with the cojones to try and fix this beast), then what'll happen is when I'm an old codger who wants to sit on the front porch all day hollering at kids, I won't have any money. And I'll say, "Hmm. I seem to recall Social Security taking X number of thousand dollars from me over the years, with the promise that I'd see it in my old codgerdom. But some conniving politicians made sure that wouldn't happen. I think I'll just mosey on over to their house and get my doggone money back, so I don't have to work until I'm 93..."

Yup. Might be what I'll have to do.

Now, I'm not saying I'll rob anybody, or break & enter somebody's house- I'm just saying I'm gonna get all my money back. All my money back.

This has been your rant on Social Security.

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And to think, MIT is where the some of the most intelligent people in the world attend school.

Well, they have a good imagination...

Hat tip: Fark

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Um, if the sidebar looks insane, ignore it.

UPDATE: All better.

UPUPDATE: Jacked up again. I've been trying to fix it, but the Bloggmonster is on crack today, and I'm having issues...

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May 01, 2005


Hey, check it out. It would appear that not everybody's ready to give Los Angeles back to Mexico.

Can we still give back SanFran, though?

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S'pose I oughta throw in my 2¢

Well, it's about time to talk about The One That Got Away™, aka Jennifer Wilbanks. I'm not gonna bother to make any specific links (s'becoming a rather bad habit lately) simply because right now there's too much to choose from. I don't have time to read even a decent chunk of what's out there- I meant to write and post this yesterday morning but didn't have the time.

So. I'll go off the latest snippets I've noticed on TV. If any of my information is flawed, feel free to point it out, it's just journalistic laziness on my part. (Hmm, if I perfect that, I could work at CBS...) What we've got so far is:

1. She jumped on a bus headed west.
2. In Albuquerque she decided maybe she should call home.
3. She told the cops she got kidnapped and taken to Vegas.
4. She 'fessed up and admitted she just got cold feet.

Or something like that. Now, the problem is, everything I've heard is either just what somebody else thinks, or hearsay. So I'll approach this two different ways.

Approach #1. She planned it all in advance, hence the haircut, and the possible advanced purchased ticket, etc. I don't wanna believe that. If it's the case, then screw her- she's evil, and you can do better, Mr. Mason. Just how selfish and self-centered can a person get? I've heard people say she did it all for a media circus- if that's so, then seriously- let's forget her and move on.

Approach #2. Well, I'm all about giving people the benefit of the doubt. To be honest, there's no reason (yet?) for me to assume the worst about this lady. So. The last paragraph was the worst possible scenario, now let's discuss the best possible scenario.

I'd like to think that she didn't plan it all out as some kind of insane publicity stunt. There's been enough incredibly evil people coming out of the Florida/Georgia area the last couple months- I would really like it if one potentially horrible person turns out to not be all that bad. So let's assume, for the sake of making assumptions, that what happened was something like this:

She goes out running. During the run, she's thinking long and hard about the upcoming marriage. She freaks out. Even though her wallet and anything else one would want before a cross-country bus ride is in the house, she (for some reason) has the couple hundred dollars Greyhound will charge you to go from Atlanta to New Mexico. She jumps on the bus to think it all over. She winds up in Albuquerque, has second thoughts about her second thoughts, and somewhere along the way realizes that half the friggin' country is looking for her. She knows she might get in trouble, so in a panic she tells the Albuquerque cops that she got kidnapped.

Well, let's pick this apart. A couple of details make this story nearly impossible- if she didn't buy the ticket in advance, why in the world did she take $150 or whatever on a run around the neighborhood? Or did she have her ATM card but nothing else? Both of those possibilities are unlikely in the extreme- but that doesn't mean it didn't happen that way. The other detail is why she cut her hair. That one I don't have an answer for, but remember, right now we are dwelling in Possibility Land.

As far as the fanciful fabrication she told the cops- well, have you ever done something really dumb and then made up a crazy lie to try and weasel out of it? I have, many a time. (I've grown out of it, however- that's what separates children from adults.) But maybe she got really paranoid, and decided coming up with a cover story would be best.

I think a key point we need to know before we either pass judgment or forgive is, at just what point did she find out that everybody thought she'd been kidnapped? Her story (the last I heard) is that she had no access to TV the whole way from Georgia to New Mexico. That's hard to believe, but I've taken a Greyhound before, and it's not inconceivable that she was cut off from the world while on the bus, and didn't have a chance to catch up on the news while she was in the stations. But for five days? S'gettin' kinda fishy in here.

So I guess even the best possible outcome is that this woman is very small-minded and very selfish. At best- how do you jump on a bus, the week before your wedding, and just jet across the country without a care in the world? Did you not stop for just one second and think that maybe the man you've pledged yourself to is having what is doubtless the worst week of his entire life? Did you not consider your six hundred wedding guests, who, at the least have been greatly inconvienced, and in reality are scared to death that they're gonna wake up tomorrow to the news that you've been found in the woods with your throat cut? Haven't you been paying attention to life in your part of the country? Did you not realize that cops all over the country have been working long days trying to find you?

What could you possibly have been thinking?

Well- I won't rush into a judgment based on incomplete data. But at best it is clear that this woman is not ready to be married. No, I'm not trying to state the obvious, that she's not ready to be married right now, that she doesn't know if she can handle all these guests, blah, blah, blah. I'm saying she's not ready to be married, period. This stunt- even if it wasn't done with evil intent- proves that she is at the maturity level of a typical high school sophomore. Before anyone even considers being married, all this should've been thought through. And one very important thing- in marriage, there cannot be any secrets. If you are hiding something from your fiancé, either spit it out or don't get married yet. If you are so unsure of everything that you think your best option is to hit the road right before your wedding day- well, maybe that's a good thing, 'cuz you were never remotely ready to undertake a challenge as massive as marriage.

Hmm... this just occurred to me... what if she'd have gotten married, and then become pregnant? "Oh, crap, but I'm not ready for this!" This kind of selfish, unthinking attitude kills a lot of innocent babies in America.

(/random thought mode)

Well, we'll see how it plays out. Is it possible that the stress of the whole situation got to her and she realized she was in way over her head? Yeah, I guess so. But taking off on a bus without so much as a phone call is reprehensible. I don't care how scared you are- be enough of a grown-up to admit it. Your groom-to-be will accept your hesitancy if not completely understand, and your guests will live. D'ya think that might be a little better than having them think you were dead?

UPDATE: Posted too soon. Forgot something.

They're talking about pressing charges because she pulled a silly stunt that dragged a lot of cops into the mix. Read the last third or so of this post and you'll see what I think of people that waste cops' time, and in effect waste taxpayers' money. Especially if it turns out to be a setup on her part- slam her.

'NUTHER UPDATE: La Shawn is seriously irritated at this girl. And La Shawn is wise, so pay attention.


Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.

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I believe it's called a "diet"

What's wrong with this picture?


Once again, the Bay Area Californuts™ can claim the BMAA- Best Moonbats in America Award™. Last year, the BMAA was awarded to the Boston area, but this year it is back in the hands of Bezerkeley. (Prior to the '04 election, aka the Massachusetts Upstart, the BMAA had always been in the Bay Area, ever since its inception in 1969.)

If you keep up your *snicker* hunger strike *snicker* for a few more months, it might just do ya some good, lady.

And I'm sure the Minutemen care deeply about your interest in their project. ...wait, nope, probably not.

Hat tip: Jeremiah

Oh, speaking of the Minutemen, they're planning on being in Michigan next year. That's pretty nifty. (Hat tip #2: Malkin/Kelly)

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