4 May 05

Worldwide Democracy in Action, Part Three Thousand and Sixty-Two

Well, in a few hours the good citizens of the United Kingdom will wake up and go vote. I myself am very much a novice when it comes to the British electoral system, so this post will be based on conjecture and things I think I know but am not sure about. Now that we know what kind of shaky ground we're on here, I'll put forth some opinions.

The way I see it, whichever way the British vote, America wins. If they reinstate Tony Blair (as expected), then Bush gets to keep his steadfast partner in the War on Terror. If they vote Blair out, then the Conservative Party will be in charge, and I would generally view that as a good thing. I take issue with Michael Howard calling Blair a liar about the war in Iraq- but to be honest, it's quite literally news to me, as I just read it, just now, in the story I linked. So I don't know what's really going on there. It's just that when I hear accusations of lying about war flying around, it gives me flashbacks to idiotic moonbatted Dems last fall.

So. Go, fellow English-speaking believers in freedom and democracy, and choose your future. One thing I can promise you- as ignorant as I am of your political system, nobody at SITYSK™ (with our massive editorial staff of one) will ever mock your decision, even if we think it doesn't make much sense.* There won't be any of that crap some of your more... ignorant... citizens chose to spew after we showed the world we still supported President Bush. America is my country, and last I checked, the U.K. is yours. So of course I want what's best for America, regardless, but you guys pick who's best for you. Cheers, or something.

*- This promise is null and void if Charles Kennedy somehow becomes your new PM. When I see "Liberal", "Democrat", and "Kennedy" all together in a sentence like that, it makes me kinda queasy.

UPDATE: My take on the election results here.

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