25 May 05

Pardon me while I chuckle, Oh Poofy One

And in other things that are not really "new"s:

North Korea says it won't rule out pre-emptive strikes.

First: Oh, you mean like this? We're fully aware that you don't have a problem invading other countries, Li'l Kim. Can I call Kim Jong-Il "Li'l Kim" or will the real Li'l Kim sue me? Anyway, Li'l Kim, your daddy already invaded South Korea once, and we're still at the border, waiting for you to act up.

Second: You don't have to brag. It doesn't make you any less laughable.

Third: Did Li'l Kim just insinuate that the U.S. liberating Iraq from a tyrannical dictator (kind of like Li'l Kim, actually) was equivalent to the PRicKs invading and enslaving South Korea?

Well, he is pretty moonbattish. I guess that somehow makes sense to him.

Doesn't North Korea remind you of that little dude on a basketball court with no skills? No, not me, I'm aware of the fact that I can't play ball and don't pretend I'm something I'm not. I'm talking about that little punk who tries to compensate for his flaws by having an annoying attitude and a serious case of short-man complex. Just making himself look like a pure fool, and nobody buys it except him.

That's Li'l Kim. "I'm bad! Lookit all my guns! I'm making nuclear weapons! All y'all are scared of me! My people love me! You believe me, right? ...Right?"

So... altogether now, all Readers of the SITYSK™: We will have a collective guffaw at the gumption of the world's leading PRicK. Ready- on three- one, two, three!


SIDE NOTE: Hmm. How much y'all wanna bet that in the next few days I have a crapload of hits from people looking for pictures of Li'l Kim? Heh.

UPDATE: Oh, this is just too funny. It would appear that "Little" Kim does, in fact, suffer from the Short-Man Complex™.

Maybe this explains his *short* temper?
Or all of his *short*comings?
And to steal one from Shrek: "Men of Farquaad'sLi'l Kim's stature are in *short* supply."

UPDATE, 3 JUN: It would appear that from now on he's Mister Poofy One, or as he shall be known henceforth, "Mr. Li'l Kim".

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Loyal Readers™ have spoken up!

Oh, no! Whatever shall we do? I mean, if North Korea makes a "pre-emptive strike," we'd suddenly have all the moral justification we need to blow the living shit out of them! What a dreadful situation!

HA! Go right ahead and "strike," you maniacal goober. It'll make an interesting epitaph to put on your tombstone.

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Here lies Li'l Kim, the Poofy One. Apparently the victim of a lack of information, he failed to notice the demise of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, and added himself to the list of People Who Foolishly Pissed Off President Bush.

He leaves behind a puff of radioactive dust, and several million rejoicing citizens who are no longer starving.

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