March 31, 2005

One pale blue ribbon. Thirteen white stars. One American hero.

The family of SFC Paul Smith will receive the Medal of Honor from President Bush on Tuesday, 4 April, 2005.

My thoughts when I first heard he would be awarded it here.

I don't have much to add that you somebody already didn't take the trouble to say. Read the citation.


Hat tip: A guy I work with that reads this blog (sometimes?)Jeremiah. (Updated 'cuz he has a blog now.)

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Lord Jesus, receive her into Your loving arms. Thank You for calling her home, for whatever Your reasons. Although we are distraught, help us to understand.

Father, receive her into Your Kingdom, where she will live forever in a perfect new body. Thank You for letting us have her here these past four decades.

Humankind… for shame.

UPDATE: And let's retire the phrase "right to die" right now, people. It never really bothered me until today, but the first time I heard a journalist use those three words after I heard the news, I got real upset. It's right to live, okay? And we took that right away from her.

UPDATE: I just left this comment over at Kate's place and it fits with this post so I stole it from myself and brought it over here.

At least now she's in a place where sinful man cannot hurt her any more, and she'll never need physical food again- she is in the presence of the Living Water.

I don't know how much more I'll have to say. At first all I could muster up was "she's gone"- that was gonna be the whole post. Then sadness started giving way to anger, and anger breeds words. I may end up with ten updates by the end of the day.

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March 30, 2005

If you're a fat, hairy, shabbily-dressed Michigander, people might start comparing you to...

Michael Moore!

Bwahahaha, haha, haha.

Hey, if anyone from Michigan reads SITYSK™, can we do something about the fact that Mikey Mooron is our state's most famous native son, at least in the blogosphere? Can't we pawn him off on some other state? Taxachusetts, maybe, or I'm sure the People's Republik of California would love to take him. We need to disassociate ourselves. The city of Flint will never live down being "Michael Moore's hometown".

For the confused: I consider Alabama to be home, yes, but I still have a warm spot in my heart for the Great Frozen Northplace of my upbringing.

Hat tip: Right Wing Duck, over at IMAO.

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March 29, 2005


Mrs. R from Are You Conservative? is calling it a blogcareer, as of Thursday.


I'm gonna miss those quizzes. I usually got the answers right. *wink*

Plus- oh cruel twist of fate!- I just noticed today (about thirty seconds after I read that AYC is shutting down) that she blogrolled me. Well, I'm glad I noticed that today, or I might never have known.

Anyway, make sure you check in over there in the next coupla days.


UPDATE: nooooooooooooooooyeeeessssssssssssssss!

It would appear that she changed her mind. Hooray! And there was much rejoicing!

This makes twice in the last week or so that a blog I thought was going away came back the next day. Good stuff. Brad happy.

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March 28, 2005

The. Coolest. Farmer. EVER.

Check this out. It's cooler than cool. It's sweeter than sweet. It's niftier than nifty. It's- aah, you get the idea.

But one teeny gripe. What's with the lack of a state line between Alabama and Mississippi? Hmmph.

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Aww, poor widdle Salvatruchas!

Well, well, well. It seems our old friends are irritated that someone is trying to stop them from smuggling al-Qaeda terrorists into the United States.

That's right, MS-13, your enemy and mine, has apparently declared war on the Minuteman Project. And it stands to reason that if you declare war on citizens of the United States, you declare war on the whole country.

NACO, Ariz. -- Members of a violent Central America-based gang have been sent to Arizona to target Minuteman Project volunteers, who will begin a monthlong border vigil this weekend to find and report foreigner (sic) sneaking into the United States, project officials say.
Don't wait for them to shoot first, fellas. I know the Minutemen are doing everything they can to stay legal, but one must defend oneself, must'nt one?
James Gilchrist, a Vietnam veteran who helped organize the vigil to protest the federal government's failure to control illegal immigration, said he has been told that California and Texas leaders of Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, have issued orders to teach "a lesson" to the Minuteman volunteers.
Well, I don't think they're "protesting" the government as much as "helping them out". However, I could be wrong.
"We're not worried because half of our recruits are retired trained combat soldiers," Mr. Gilchrist said. "And those guys are just a bunch of punks."
Trained combat soldiers is good. But being a trained combat soldier means that before taking action, you must know the rules of engagement, and/or have appropriate orders from above. Like I said, they're trying to keep things legal.

And these "punks"- and the "lesson" they're trying to teach you- well, their "lessons" can be kind of rough. See below.

More than 1,000 volunteers are expected to take part in the Minuteman vigil, which will include civilian patrols along a 20-mile section of the San Pedro River Valley, which has become a frequent entry point to the United States for foreigner (sic) headed north.

About 40 percent of the 1.15 million foreign nationals caught last year by the U.S. Border Patrol trying to gain illegal entry to the United States were apprehended along a 260-mile stretch of the Arizona border here known as the Tucson sector.

Which is why the Minutemen picked this spot, if you didn't know that already.

Many of the Minuteman volunteers are expected to be armed, although organizers of the border vigil have prohibited them from carrying rifles. Only those people with a license to carry a handgun will be allowed to do so, Mr. Gilchrist said.
Staying legal. Good stuff. But you're gonna need rifles if these clowns are really going after you.
An operational plan calls for teams of four to eight volunteers to be deployed along the targeted 20-mile stretch of border at intervals of 200 to 300 yards, along with observation posts and a command center.

Mr. Gilchrist said some of the patrols and posts will be right on the U.S.-Mexico border, while others will be located farther north. The volunteers also have been told to "make lots of noise and burn campfires at night to be very visible."

Proving to all those who aren't knuckleheaded that all they're trying to do is scare the Mexicans off and keep them in Mexico. You don't light fires and make noise if you're trying to ambush or capture people. Any soldier could tell you that.

According to guidelines issued to the volunteers earlier this month, organizers said they expect that they will be targeted by various protest groups and others and that some protesters would try to provoke confrontations.

Buncha useless Commies.

"If we are to send the message loud and clear to President Bush and Congress, it is imperative we stay within the law," Mr. Gilchrist said.

"If one single person steps over the line for their personal gratification, we are all stained with that irresponsible behavior and labeled forever as a fringe element that embarrasses all who are counting on us to make this historic statement," he said.

*cough*Abu Ghraib*cough*

Oh, wait, all Abu Ghraib proved is not so much does one isolated incident make the whole organization foul, but that's how it'll be reported. Yep, I'm sure the Minutemen could expect more of the same.

The MS-13 gang has established major smuggling operations in several areas along the U.S.-Mexico border and have transported hundreds of Central and South Americans -- including gang members -- into the United States in the past two years. The gang also is involved in drug and weapons smuggling.
scanning paragraph Hmm, I don't see where they mentioned that these guys try to smuggle in al-Qaeda members, aka fellow terrorists. They musta forgot that.
Gang members in America have been tied to numerous killings, robberies, burglaries, carjackings, extortion, rapes and aggravated assaults. Authorities said that the gang has earned a reputation from the other street gangs as being particularly ruthless and that it will retaliate violently when challenged.
They do that kinda stuff in America? Yes, that's bad, but look what they do in their own countries!

To the gentlemen who are putting their comforts, and possibly lives, at stake next month:

This Is Your Enemy. They are ruthless. They are well-armed. They are terrorists, and they're apparently attempting to help their southern brethren invade the U.S. Be wary and vigilant, gentlemen.

The MS-13 gang, with 20,000 members nationwide, has risen in recent months to such prominence that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, has begun a nationwide crackdown on gang members in this country -- as part of a sweeping law-enforcement initiative known as Operation Community Shield.

ICE agents arrested more than 100 members of the gang during limited raids that began in January in just six cities, including 35 who were taken into custody in Virginia and Maryland. The authorities said MS-13 gang members originally moved into the Los Angeles area in the 1980s.

Once again, good job, fellas. Kill 'em all- those that surrender- crap, can't kill 'em. Lock 'em up.

Well- the article didn't really mention why MS-13 is so ticked off at the Minutemen. But I would venture to guess it's 'cuz Islamofascists pay top dollar, and, uh, no smuglee, no payee. Okay, okay, they get pretty good money for running and protecting the drugs, too- (/understatement mode)- but there's my Supposition of the Day. Their terrorist-comrades-in-arms kill Americans wherever and however they can, so MS jumped on the bandwagon.

Hat tip: La Shawn Barber

Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.

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The mockingbird didn't sing. Stupid mockingbird.

Woohoo! Awesome news in the blogosphere. Them two lovebirds, who have been through everything from hellish cross-country trips to pinkytoe stabbings to cute widdle kittens, are getting MARRIED! Shall I say it again? Woohoo!

Many congratulations to ya both. Being married rules.

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March 24, 2005

Don't deport him! We don't want him down here, either!

Okay, well, I can't speak for the Honduran government. But if I could, that's what I'd say.

So, anyway, the Miami cops busted some gun-pusher. No, not gun-runner or gun-smuggler. Gun-pusher. Apparently this moron here was just strollin' along, pushing some guns down the street, in a shopping cart. Excuse me.


inhales deeply


Dude. Get a suitcase, or something. A duffel bag. Something. Don't put your guns in a shopping cart.

"But, officer- I just came from Wal-Mart, and they're having a 2-for-1 special on deuce-deuces! That's why they're still in the cart!"

"Son, if we were in the Panhandle, that'd be believable. But this is Miami."

Sorry, I just think that's really funny. Stupid criminal gang member terrorist.

Yeah. MS-13, this man's proud alma mater, is the same group of good-natured guys I mentioned here. And, uh, here. And here.

Well, I don't really have a lot to add, I just wanted to publicly laugh at this guy, and give ICE and the Miami PD props for bringing him in. Apparently they're dismantling this gangterrorist organization with remarkable speed. Good job, fellas.

Side Note: I gotta keep up with my MS-13 bashing. Michelle Malkin's leaving me in her dust. But she still doesn't call them "terrorists"... maybe it's just me... hmm.

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March 23, 2005

A Tribute for Terri

I have remained rather mum on the travesty that is happening to Terri Schiavo. Partly because I haven't been posting much of anything, mostly because just about every blogger I read has said exactly what I would say. There has been a great deal of linkage flying around the 'sphere concerning Terri, so I haven't bothered to link to anybody in particular... until now.

Sir George has written a... can I give it justice... a freakin' AMAZING post about the whole issue. I consider myself a decent writer (when I show up) but there's no way I could say it better. In five short paragraphs he sums up everything that needs to be said. But I would like to add this tiny thing: The Constitution was never meant to be a death sentence to anyone in the name of rule of law. To die for freedom- noble and heroic. To be murdered over petty nuances- shameful... on the part of the murderers.

Go. Read now. If the screen starts getting blurry halfway through, it's not your monitor, just wipe your eyes.

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March 22, 2005

(bugle plays "Taps")

A sad day for milblogs.


Foxholes & Dogtags has been... er... suspended. Temporarily, I hope.


But Incoherant Ramblings is still around. Yay! Goreadnow.

UPDATE, the next day: Hooray! It's back! ...slightly censored!

UPDATE to the UPDATE, a week later: It suddenly dawned on me today that while Risawn's main blog is on the 'roll, Foxholes is not. Time to fix that, eh.

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March 21, 2005

Brad bad blogger.

Brad bad blogger. Brad been busy. Busy bad. Brad been busting butt.

Okay, that last sentence isn't really true, but I was running out of alliteration and had to come up with something quick. I do have some stuff in mind to write, I just haven't gotten around to it. Time's flying- I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. Sheesh.

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March 14, 2005

Put the blog down, and turn on the TV

Hey! Why are you reading this? La Shawn is about to be on TV again, and I'm at work and might not get to see! So- put down the blog, and go turn on the TV, 'cuz I might need a report later on.

And in other news, it's a good thing only one-seventh of the world's days are Mondays.

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March 13, 2005

Hooray for not knowing what month it is

So... I posted this- complaining about the February heat- on March 8.

I'm so friggin' smooth.

Now, this doesn't change a thing as far as Honduras being ridiculously hot, be it February, March, or August on Mercury. Send me back to the land of ice and snow.

But I have to make sure that any false or flawed information that you, The Loyal Readers™, receive from me is corrected ASAP. I wouldn't want CBS to try and hire me.

Oh, and the link to the weather page is one of those new-fangled "self-updating" pages. Friggin' modern technology! So if you click on it when it's two in the morning here, and it says "67°", trust me, it was 99 that day. Still in the nineties now. Ugh. Hot. Brad no like.

That is all.

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March 12, 2005

Give it a rest. Morons.

Okay. Lemme get this straight. The PC Nazis are now targeting the Easter Bunny.

Dude. The friggin' Easter Bunny.

Not. Even. A. Religious. ...Anything!

The Easter Bunny is some made-up crap, people. If being affiliated with the Christian holiday of Easter- IN NAME ONLY!!!- offends you, piss off. You're a moron.

I suggest going after the Tooth Fairy next. It's about as relevant.

And Now:

The List of Holidays Slated for Destruction:
Easter- check.
Christmas- check.
Thanksgiving- check. (Mwheh.)
Mother's Day- unfair to male-led, dual-homosexual families.
Father's Day- unfair to female-led, dual-homosexual families.
Yom Kippur/Rosh Hashana/Passover/Hannukah- unfair to Muslims.
Ash Wednesday/Lent- unfair to Protestants.
Saint Patrick's Day- unfair to non-Irishmen.
New Year's Day- unfair to everyone in the world who does not use the Western calendar.
Valentine's Day/Sweetest Day- unfair to anyone not currently in love.
Labor Day- unfair to anyone without a job.
Secretaries' Day- unfair to entrepreneurs without secretaries.

Kwanzaa was considered for the list, but being "unfair to white people" was quickly deemed not PC enough.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

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March 11, 2005

yay me!

It's my birthday. Yay! I'm old I forget I stopped counting after 21 not a young buck any more umm, 27. I think. Yeah.

Just thought you might like to know. Back to my regularly scheduled too-busy-to-blog mode.

UPDATE: This is kind of cool, the site meter went through 1978 (my birth year) on my birthday. Nifty. Plus it's about to hit 2,000. More yay...

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March 10, 2005

bloggy word usage question

Hey, The Readers™! I'm sure somebody knows the answer to this, 'cuz I see it everywhere. When a writer (usually a blogger) writes "(sic)" after a word, does that stand for "spelling incorrect"? Because usually it follows a misspelled word. ...but, sometimes it doesn't... hence my confusion. Any ideas?

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March 08, 2005

two quick blabbings...

Blabbing Number One. Holy Crap. Honduras is hot. Like hot HOT HOT!!! Like insanely not-in-a-good-way hot. Observe.

99°. Ninety-nine. Friggin'. Degrees.

In. February.

That's not right.


Blabbing Number Two. This is funny. You should read it now. basil's The Mean Sister is officially keen. The only ones I can't figure out are Gulay and Dushay. Help?

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March 04, 2005


oh wow. martha stewart's out of jail. i'm so excited. can't you tell? look. look at me being very interested in the fact that she's out of jail. look how much i care. please, i need to know every detail of her life now that she's out of jail. did i mention that martha stewart got out of jail? look at me being thrilled. no, look.

Oh, wait. I don't think I care. Sorry.

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March 02, 2005

Tell it like it is, La Shawn!

Well, I was blessed with seeing La Shawn Barber's introduction to international TV this afternoon, even though MSNBC forced me to watch a bunch of somethingorother about terrorism before they got to La Shawn. They shoulda had their priorities straight. Just a coupla things I'd like to comment on:

First of all- awww, Wonkette couldn't make it? That's too bad. Thank God.

Now to the Good Stuff:

First Keen La Shawn Quote: "I'm not following much of Hillary." BWAHAHA! She did mention a bit about Condi vs. Hillary ('08 is gonna rock, when the first black ever/first woman ever President is elected, and she's Republican) and Hillarywatch (never been there, checkin' it out now...) but she pretty much blew the Hillary question off. Heh. Brad like.

Second Keen La Shawn Quote: "I'm enjoying railing against him [Mad HowDean]." I say again: BWAHAHA! That cracked me up. Bust 'im out, La Shawn!

They asked her the token question about how she felt about being a female blogger (well, that was what the segment was about) and she responded by setting them straight. Don't have a direct quote this time, but she made it clear that being a female blogger isn't really what puts her in the minority. It's being an African-American (she hates that word too! I thought I was the only one! sweet!) black, conservative, Christian woman that sets her apart, and that she blogs about not only politics, but her faith as well. Boy, I 'bout stood up and cheered.

Anyway, as far as female bloggers go, I really don't see much of a gender gap in the blogosphere. (Yeah! Blogosphere, Ron! What's wrong with that word?!) Lemme put it like this. Obviously La Shawn is cool. My favorite blogger to get information from is Michelle Malkin. But I do have a complaint- she writes too much, I can't keep up. The best storyteller I know in the 'sphere is SarahK. Favorite milblogger? Risawn, in Kosovo. And I spend most of my bloggy time, not here, but over at Original Musings. Shoot, almost half my blogroll is female. So I think that's a silly question. But that's just my 2¢.

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Hallelujah and other outbursts of praise

Man. God sure has a way of turning mountains back into molehills. Maybe the mountain was all in my head, and He just fixed my perception, but whatever, it worked. I'd try to give y'all the details of what I'm talking about, but it'd take like three hours to type it all, so I'll give it to ya in a nutshell. That "mountain of work" from the last post- well, I still have tons of work to do, but the main big icky problem that was stuck in my face has been broken down to size. It's, uh, now a small group of molehills that I can tackle one at a time.

Thank You Jesus. That's much better. Sometimes He has to just clue me in on easier ways to do things, I guess. Me 'n' God are like Forrest Gump and his mom sometimes. "Mama al-ways had a way of ex-plain-ing things so I could un-der-stand them..."

Sorry, it's hard to put Forrest's drawl into type.

Anywho, long story short, I still have lots of work to do, it's just not nearly as much as I thought, and it's more manageable now. The quasi-bloggy-hiatus is still on, though, as I'm pondering the meaning of life and things of that sort. We'll see what happens, I guess. In the meantime, if you have a shortage of reading material, just go here. Mwheh. Tell me if the link works, kay? It might not if you don't have Adobe.

UPDATE: One should always follow the advice of the Blogfather. Try here instead.

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March 01, 2005

Stuck in the bloggy doldrums

Ugh. Bloggy things are bad. General blogginess is at an all-time low.

After one failed attempt at vacation (which slowed blogging) and one successful one (which ground it to a halt), I am back in Honduras. Actually have been since Friday. But bloggy things are bad. With a mountain of work in front of me, and me being in a kind of weird transitional period where I need to ungaggle myself and figure some life issues out (and I do not recommend soul-searching while undergoing major projects at work) blogging will continue to be curtailed indefinetely. Ugh.

I do love it, though, and as soon as things are straightened out I'll be back at it. Doing this has put me in the mindset where anything I hear or read, be it political, social, or whathaveyou, my mind automatically fisks. S'very odd. I need to get me some kinda doodad that I can just talk into (like a little portable tape recorder) and then connect it to my computer, whereupon it dumps everything I said into Blogger and posts it. This "typing" crap is so last millenium.

And with that, I'll leave you with the Quote of the Day, from Commander Montgomery Scott:

"Ah. A keyboard. How quaint." (Star Trek IV)

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