2 Mar 05

Tell it like it is, La Shawn!

Well, I was blessed with seeing La Shawn Barber's introduction to international TV this afternoon, even though MSNBC forced me to watch a bunch of somethingorother about terrorism before they got to La Shawn. They shoulda had their priorities straight. Just a coupla things I'd like to comment on:

First of all- awww, Wonkette couldn't make it? That's too bad. Thank God.

Now to the Good Stuff:

First Keen La Shawn Quote: "I'm not following much of Hillary." BWAHAHA! She did mention a bit about Condi vs. Hillary ('08 is gonna rock, when the first black ever/first woman ever President is elected, and she's Republican) and Hillarywatch (never been there, checkin' it out now...) but she pretty much blew the Hillary question off. Heh. Brad like.

Second Keen La Shawn Quote: "I'm enjoying railing against him [Mad HowDean]." I say again: BWAHAHA! That cracked me up. Bust 'im out, La Shawn!

They asked her the token question about how she felt about being a female blogger (well, that was what the segment was about) and she responded by setting them straight. Don't have a direct quote this time, but she made it clear that being a female blogger isn't really what puts her in the minority. It's being an African-American (she hates that word too! I thought I was the only one! sweet!) black, conservative, Christian woman that sets her apart, and that she blogs about not only politics, but her faith as well. Boy, I 'bout stood up and cheered.

Anyway, as far as female bloggers go, I really don't see much of a gender gap in the blogosphere. (Yeah! Blogosphere, Ron! What's wrong with that word?!) Lemme put it like this. Obviously La Shawn is cool. My favorite blogger to get information from is Michelle Malkin. But I do have a complaint- she writes too much, I can't keep up. The best storyteller I know in the 'sphere is SarahK. Favorite milblogger? Risawn, in Kosovo. And I spend most of my bloggy time, not here, but over at Original Musings. Shoot, almost half my blogroll is female. So I think that's a silly question. But that's just my 2¢.

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