December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

Um, the title pretty much says it all.

Wishing you God's blessings in 2005.

It is now 2100 (er, 9:00 PM) CST... see y'all next year.

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Is there anything beneath this piece of crap?

Ted Rall makes me wish somebody would overturn the First Amendment. That way we could just throw him in the Abu Ghraib torture chambers he so thoroughly believes in.

Look, sorry-excuse-for-a-human-being, I understand (but do not respect or condone) your freedom to say disgusting and hideous things about my President. (Wait, isn't he Ted's President too? Makes me wonder what this guy thinks of authority in general...) I read your swill just to remind myself why I blog- because if the VRWC doesn't speak up and act en masse, your kind will take over this great country, and decent hard-working Christians won't have anywhere to run to.

Going OT, I would like to note that I can actually understand why moonbats would flee to Canada because Bush was re-elected. Even if their decisions were made out of foolishness and extreme ignorance. If Kerry would've been elected, I probably would've had to excuse myself from the U.S. Armed Forces (there's no way he could be my C-i-C) and prepare to get my family out before Christians become the persecuted minority. The only problem is, where in this rapidly-turning-socialist world would we go?

Hmm... maybe I should save that for another post. Thank God for 61,000,000 intelligent people. Anywho. In my tour around the 'sphere this morning, I came across this. Obviously (as usual) the King of the Moonbats blames everything on Bush, but c'mon, guy. Don't you think that this is beneath even you? I'm sure the 118,000-and-rising-rapidly newly shattered families would simply love to discover that some so-called Americans think this of their plight.


Can't we put a muzzle on this guy?

Enough about King Moonbat. I know that SITYSKâ„¢ has been thus far completely mum on the tsunami issue. I simply didn't have anything to add to what a quick trip around the 'sphere would let you know. I agree with my fellow right-wing bloggers, and the victims and their families stay in my prayers. I realized after I wrote my last post that it's not only New Year's in East Asia, but now South Asia as well, and millions of people are waking up to another day of hell.

Can't think of a good way to finish that paragraph.


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Happy New Year...?

Happy New Year!

...Whaddya mean, it's still December 31st? To my millions of loyal readers in Japan, people on teeny islands in the Western Pacific, the Eighth Army in Korea (hooah), and that one guy in Vladivostok, it's already 2005. Happy New Year, guys!

Okay, fine, I don't have proof that any of those people read SITYSK™. But it's possible. Quit raining on my parade, yo.

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December 29, 2004

Bloggy technical PSA

The author would like The People™ to be informed of the following: If your text size is not set to "medium", the babblings on the sidebar (between the Blogger sign and the Site Meter) will not look right. Just trying to help.

And as for my previous question about links, if I would have taken the time to look around the 'sphere, I wouldn't have had to ask it. Out of all the blogs on my blogroll, only SIT includes punctuation with the link. Since I learned how to blog from CD, I picked up the habit. Well brother, I'd say this looks like a mandate. I might have to change my ways.

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Bloggy grammar question

Hey, bloggers! ...and anybody that's ever made a hyperlink! I got a question. When I make links should I include any punctuation that's attached to the word? Like this? Or not, like this?

What? Quit laughing at me! These are serious questions! I need to know this stuff if I'm gonna be a rich and famous blogger someday!

...I'm pooped. I wrote a lot of crap today. If you haven't seen it, click on the test links. I'd say that's a good day's blogging.


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Honduran Terrorists, Part II

Part I here. But since I think only like five people read SITYSK™, you've probably already read it.

Okee-dokee, it would appear that the psychos who hosed down that bus last week were part of a continent-spanning gang that might have ties to al-Qaeda.



Can we kill them now, or are we waiting for more evidence? We wouldn't want to just start rounding up gangbangers and sending them to Gitmo to share cells with the Taliban... (I mean, not without U.N.-backed multilateralism)... but it would also suck if these pieces of garbage killed another busload of people.

I'll admit, 24 hours ago I had never heard of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). But I was watching the Factor last night (it was Gibson, not O'Reilly), and one of the things he mentioned was that a gang from El Salvador may have been contacted by Al-Qaeda to smuggle Islamist terrorists through Central America and Mexico to Texas. So I went to FoxNews this morning to look for it- (unsuccessfully)- but I did find the update to their "kill kids on the bus" story. Apparently the guy they found with all those guns has been identified as belonging to MS-13. (I don't wanna know how the Honduran cops got him to talk. Hopefully it involved a great deal of pain.) Sorry, that wasn't nice. Evil Brad mode off.

And, this morning, in my trek around the 'sphere, I found that Michelle Malkin has been all over the MS-13 story- actually for months now. I'm not gonna try to add to what she's already written- go to all the places she links to and you'll have the same very frightening picture that I do.

So. Summation: We have an extremely violent and ruthless gang. Said gang has spread from El Salvador and Los Angeles to, well, pretty much all over North America. Said gang has shown a willingness to kill civilians to make a point, making them not a "gang", but a terrorist organization. Said terrorist organization may have been contacted by- or possibly be conspiring with- the sworn enemy of America, al-Qaeda.

I'm still scared. Anybody else scared? Can we kill them now? Then I wouldn't be scared.

Also- (if you wanna go through the trouble)- my boss sent me this story. It's in Spanish, so CD, Carlos, and any other Spanish-readers should be fine. Me, I only know about ten words, so I used this nifty translator, provided by SYSTRAN. It gave me a near-enough-to-get-the-gist-of-the-article English version. I was going to put up a link to the translation but it wouldn't let me. I thought about cut-and-pasting the whole translation to this post, but it was long. Plus it felt like outright plagiarism.

But the point of that story (for me, anyway) is that they met in Comayagua. Um... listen, guys... guys?... nice terrorists?...


So, um, evac now. Get your sorry selves out of town. 'Cuz if I get my wish... a green light from NCA* to acquire a target- I won't have far to go.

(ahh... wishful thinking... ::sniff::)

*-National Command Authority. (The President.) Asterisks provided for Katherine.

UPDATE: Part III here.

Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.

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Don't trash my state!

I'm originally from Metro Detroit, so this pisses me off. A great deal.

I haven't lived in Michigan for almost a decade, and I've gotten to the point where I consider Lower Alabama to be my home. But I still love the Wolverine State, and I still love the Motor City. I don't really keep up with local news, so I didn't dig around to find this story. I actually saw it on Fark.

Now, I'm not up to speed on nitpicky legalities. I'm waiting for simpler times to come back when we re-write the law code to include common sense, no strings attached. So I honestly don't understand what law or laws these people refer to that gives them the right to dump trash in somebody else's backyard. If the good citizens of Wayne County (they caused Michigan to be a Blue State... grrr... but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt) allow this, in exchange for, say, revenue, or goods of some kind, then fine. If all parties agree, then there's no problem. But you can't just come onto somebody's land and dump your crap there uninvited. I don't care what laws are involved. If a law causes injustice, it's not a valid law.

My (extreme) recommendation to the citizens of Rockwood: Get yourselves a twelve-gauge and post a guard. The next time these trucks attempt to approach, stop them. Inform the driver that he doesn't have the right to dump there. Oh, he may have legal grounds through some silly loophole, but that doesn't give him the "right". Be nice. It's probably not the driver's fault. Tell him to go back to Jersey, or Canada, or wherever he's from.

If he tries to keep going, use the shotgun to blow out his tires. When the State Police show up, tell them that some crazy guy is trying to dump trash all over the town.


Don't bring your crap to Michigan. Can you honestly tell me that Canada can't find space to dig a landfill? New Jersey I can almost believe, but that still doesn't give them an excuse to dump garbage somewhere without permission.


(/rant mode)
(continuation of Blue State stream of consciousness)

I feel better. Don't mess with Michigan. I mean, the intelligent people there have enough issues already trying to keep the "swing" on the Right side. I did a little poking around here and found out that aside from the Northeast (which I guess is where all the smart, educated, elite people live), there's really only two Blue States. The rest of the country is Red States which are coupled unfortunately with Blue Cities. New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon and even gasp- California all would've been Bush states if it wasn't for the cities they're stuck with. (Yes, that includes the City of Detroit, one of the worst offenders. Love ya, Motown, but if it wasn't for sanity breaking out in Ohio, you would've given the country to Kerry. You scare me. Get some Act Right, pronto.)

Speaking of Detroit, the Red Wings would've won the Cup this year if it wasn't for the NHL's silly little lockout. All those other teams are just scared, and figured if they put off the season for a year, maybe the Wings will all give up and retire. No hockey=no sports worth watching. Except college football.

Speaking of college football- and Michigan- and the color Blue- sorry, Texas. The Wolverines will pummel you on New Year's Day. Just accept it, and resign yourself to your fate. They're still filled with anger from their loss to the Buckeyes. (Thanks for saving the country, Ohio, but could OSU please go back to the tradition of losing to U-M every year? It was better that way.) So they've got some stress to unload. Longhorns- may God have mercy on your souls. Go Blue! ...but I am kinda ticked off that a Big Ten team is in the Rose Bowl but they couldn't find a Pac Ten team to match. I think the Rose Bowl, on the grounds of seniority, should be above and beyond the reach of the BCS.

Speaking of the BCS, it sucks.

Speaking of sucking, I'm not very good at stream of consciousness writing. Well, I'm trying. But nobody does stream of consciousness better than the queen, SarahK.

(/puddle of consciousness)

Um... the end.

P.S.- I forgot to mention, Macomb County voted for Bush. Go, hometown!

Um... the end?

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December 28, 2004

Now that's a mandate!

61 million plus. That's how many Americans voted for George W. Bush. Lefties say we're 61 million redneck bigots. Yer-a-peein' elites can't understand how 61 million people would vote for a warmongering cowboy.

Fellow right-wing bloggers have said plenty about the fact that this is easily the most votes anyone has received in U.S. history. True, it is, and I think it's awesome. I notice, however, that nobody seems to be mentioning that the population is bigger, hence more votes. I'm sure the losing candidate will have that many in fifty years. But I'm not gonna take anything away from Bush, he got that many votes because, well, he's the man. My President definetely has faults, but he's the best President I can remember. (Unfair to Reagan, perhaps, too young to really know what Reagan did aside from bankrupting the USSR.)

Anywho. Keep drifting OT. The point I'm trying to make is that it's clear Bush got more votes than any U.S. President, but- I'm curious about something.

Has any candidate- in the history of democracies- ever received this many votes? At any time, for anything? I'm sure when the citizens of the Dictatorship of China finally accept democracy, they'll blow that number right out of the water, just because they have five times the population as the U.S. But even India didn't have a single candidate who came close to 61 million. I guess India doesn't have an executive branch, and therefore won't have an election where the whole country is deciding on two or three guys.* A detail. This is my point: To my knowledge, Bush's reelection had more people, all in agreement, on one man, than in all of human history. I would call that a mandate. Shoot, not just for America, but for the whole world.

*-only did a tiny bit of research on this. Any input/wisdom?

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Are my eyes getting weak or is my blog going crazy?

Hey, um, every time I read my blog the text seems to be getting smaller. I figure it's most likely my monitor, or some value changed with my computer. Does it look normal to y'all?

UPDATE: It must be my computer, 'cuz the text at SIT looks smaller too. Maybe we somehow slipped a font size... hmm...

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Okay, real simple answer, the text size was set to "smaller". Moved it back to "medium". Very peculiar. I didn't change it in the first place. Nobody else uses this computer. Uhh...


... Mulder and Scully at once!

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December 27, 2004

They forgot to mention "fat"

Report: Drug Firms on Lookout for Moore

BWAHAHAHA!!! Good for them. They oughta put out a friggin' restraining order.

I hope Mikhail Moorski tries to do a crockumentary about the eeeeeevil U.S. military one day. Maybe we can get a whole new ROE* drawn up for him.

"If Mr. Moore attempts to approach you or speak with you, you will apprehend him. If he does not follow you to the MPs, you are authorized to use deadly force."


*-Rules Of Engagement. Changes depending on mission and situation.

UPDATE: Is it the least bit surprising that I can't find this story anywhere besides FoxNews?

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December 24, 2004

Am I still allowed to say this?


Well, enough has been said around the 'sphere lately about what the ACLU etc. are doing to destroy this holiday. I might rant about that at another time. But right now, I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. No strings attached.

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Another bloggy technical question

Okay. Whenever I try to link to somebody's blog by using trackback it doesn't work. I do fine if I cut-and-paste the address bar from the page, but if I actually go the route of "the trackback url for thus-and-such is (long string of unitelligible crap)", it never works. Am I missing something?

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Washington gubernatorial goobers, Part III

A non-moonbattish resident of the State of Washington and fellow Army NCO has a first-person perspective on the Ukraine-in-America fiasco. Go. Read now.

Rossi in '04! Or maybe '05!

By the way, Gubernatorial Goober Rants, Parts I and II.

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Okay, I'm scared...

Note: the author makes certain assumptions regarding Army policy based on intuition. The author has no idea what, if anything, the Army might do about this situation.

There, that should keep the PC Police™ at bay. Now that the disclaimer's out of the way:

Terrorists spray busload of civilians with gunfire

At least, that's my take on it. I don't have a whole lot to add to the story (at least, not that a non-moonbat wouldn't think of himself) but since I live in Honduras right now I figured I should really pay attention to this.

Today is my one-month anniversary of residing in Honduras. Obviously (no offense to the Honduran people) this isn't exactly my choice of residence. The Army had a slot to fill here, and my name was at the top of the list.* I'd like to be with my family this Christmas (not to mention any other day, I have a wife I miss very much and my boys are growing up without me... grrr) but I'm in the Army, hooah.** I figured it beats the crap out of being in Iraq.

So I got on the plane and went. Now, actually, Honduras can be a very sought-after assignment (consider the alternatives: Korea or combat), and I'm not arguing that, but I'd still rather be with my family. Plus God never sends me anywhere He doesn't plan to use me.† So, one month ago today, I arrived in this country.

This country, may I add, is lovely. Although I have seen only a tiny portion of Honduras, it is a tropical paradise. Well, rainy season starts in a couple months, we'll see if my tone changes then. But yeah. I left snotty comments on IMAO yesterday laughing at y'all freezing your butts off in the snow. Mwheh. It's 80° and partly cloudy here, just like every other day. So I have no complaints (other than that I miss my wife- have I made that point yet?) But last week they took us off-post and showed us all the places we weren't allowed to go, because the crime here is unbelieveable. So I (concluding that I don't need local food that much) made the decision that I will only rarely venture outside the gate. Why put myself at risk? Concertina wire is my friend. Keeps me safe.

So. This morning, I was flipping through news channels, and I saw something about "28 people killed on a bus in Honduras". My first thought was, good grief, that's terrible. My second thought was, why am I finding this out from CNN and not my chain of command? As I learned more about the incident, I realized that Chamelecon is about as far away from here as you can get and still be in Honduras. (Educated guess: I was not able to find a location for Chamelecon but I think it's a suburb of the larger city of San Pedro Sula. Never been near there, sure ain't trying to go now.) So it wasn't necessarily a real threat to any soldiers or this base. But it's still scary.

So. Let's pick apart the situation, shall we?

Point Number One: These people are terrorists. Why hasn't the media labeled them as such?

They stopped a bus filled with Christmas shoppers and hosed it down, killing a gaggle of innocent civilians, including six KIDS. Now- who does that sound like to you?

That's right, Palestinian suicide bombers. But even that group of Darwin Award winners has the common courtesy to blow themselves up when they commit acts of atrocity. What kind of sick people would hose down a bus to prove a point? That perfectly fits the description of "terrorist". Someone willing to go to any demented lengths to prove whatever point they have. And- their extremely important point, worth killing a bus full of kids, is-

Point Number Two: They oppose the death penalty.


These freakin' wackos killed a bunch of people to show that they're opposed to death? I bet the ACLU is already on the phone with them trying to get them to represent Scott Peterson and Psycho Mommy-killing Baby-kidnapping Lady. I really don't know what to add to that... it is beyond comprehension. I would venture to guess (and this is nothing but a guess, nothing to indicate that it's true) that they got some buddies in jail, that if not for the current law, would be facing execution. And maybe they figure killing kids is a good way to keep Lobo Sosa from winning, and possibly executing their terrorist friends. Pure supposition, but it makes sense, doncha think? They have to know that terrorism works. Look who's President of Spain now. But I think they're missing a key point:

Point Number Three: Terrorists have an extremely short life expectancy. The suicide bombers seem to understand this and don't even bother trying to survive. The "insurgents" in Iraq haven't quite figured this out, and keep shooting back. Morons. I would guess (uh-oh, more supposition) that these "gang members" were trained by Palestinians, but figured, screw that bomb crap, let's try to stay alive. Okay, they're officially being called "gang members". That may be true, but when somebody does something like this, you stop calling them "gang members" and start calling them terrorists. And what do we do with terrorists?

Point Number Four: That's right, we track them down like dogs and kill them like swine.

"My government won't tolerate the kind of massacre that has the objective of threatening and scaring the people. ... We are reacting with force," [President Maduro] said.
I applaud him, and I hope he's the sort of man that can and will back up that statement. I didn't think such men existed in politics until I saw President Bush after 9/11... it can be done.

Point Number Five:

Earlier this year, Alvarez claimed Al-Qaeda was trying to recruit gang members to carry out terror attacks, but U.S. and other Central American officials have said there is no hard evidence to support that.
Not surprisingly, this is the first I've heard of this. I can't even make a guess as to whether or not it's true. Before I left the States, my first sergeant referred to Honduras as "not exactly the focal point in the War on Terror", and I agreed with him. My security brief consisted of "you probably won't see al-Qaeda but watch out for criminals". I agreed with that, too. I honestly can't say whether I think al-Qaeda operates here or not. But I now have to admit it's a possibility.

But anyway, regardless of an al-Qaeda connection, these people are terrorists. Since we have established that, and since the official U.S. policy on terrorism is to hunt them down, and if necessary, unplug them from their source of supply, well... let's go. (about to overstep bounds as a lowly E-5... heh...) Finding punks who kill kids for fun... and killing the punks for fun... is not at all my mission, but... Let's just say that if for any reason Uncle Sam calls me on this one, I'm ready.

*-it was a very short list. The only other person that was on it is currently in Iraq.
**-Army expression for compliance. Actually can mean anything and everything except "no".
†-I have found out that the Army doesn't get to send me anywhere without God's permission first. It's nice to know I'm taken care of.

UPDATE: Part II (Capturing terrorists and finding out they might in fact be connected to al-Qaeda) is here. Part III here.

Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.

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December 23, 2004

What, y'all ain't left yet?!

Brit Hume, via Fox News:

Applications Approved

The Canadian government has now approved the first visa applications from Americans looking to move to Canada after President Bush's re-election.

Tresey Kilbourne and his family, from Seattle, applied more than a year ago for Canadian visas, planning to withdraw their applications if a Democrat won.

They're now looking for a home in British Columbia. Mr. Kilbourne, quoted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, says, "With the Republicans in full control of everything, there hasn't been anything that has caused us to think that we weren't doing ... the smart thing."

First of all: Canada- faster, please. But do be careful- they might be terrorists. And to be honest, I wouldn't wish these moonbats on the Grand Islamofascist Ayatollah Dictator of Iran, but hey, if you want 'em, take 'em. Faster.

Secondly: ...planning to withdraw their applications if a Democrat won.

What kind of fair-weather friend loyalty is that? "Well, gosh, man, if Kerry woulda won, man, America woulda been groooovy again, man!" But, of course, if that happened, Condi Rice would've smoked him in the 2008 election (with the backstage help of Hillary Clinton). What would you guys have done then? "Man, gimme back my application, man. It's time to go, man."

Turd: (oh, sorry, that's a description of a moonbat.) Third: I propose that any Democrats from Washington State attempting to flee the country because Bushchimpler™ is around for another four years... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, you lost!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

...oh, sorry. Anyway, those that do try to leave should have their precious votes for Christine Gregoire immediately invalidated. I mean, if this particular case is what we can expect, a lot of them will pull their visas at the last second if she wins anyway. Let's save them the trouble. Exile them from the United States, right now; they obviously don't want to be here. "But Canada hasn't approved my visa yet!" you cry; too bad, get out. Maybe enough of them will leave the Blue Border States (Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and New England) that if we cancel all their votes, we could change the entire election, and leave Kerry with California. That'd be funny.

There. If that wasn't some Stuff You Needed To Know™... then you're omniscient, and there's nothing more I can help you with.

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What, no hanging chads?

Well, the Dems certainly learned their lesson from Al Gore.

And that lesson is:

Keep recounting until it works in your favor.

Apparently, now, the election in Washington is showing Gregoire might actually win. What is this, the third or fourth recount they've had? I won't speculate as to how she keeps getting more votes out of nowhere... hmm... but anyway, what if she wins? I bet everyone from Left Coast Democrats to John Friggin' Kerry will demand that Rossi immediately concede.

The state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that more than 700 ballots mistakenly rejected by election workers there should be added to the final tally...
And I bet they'll howl with rage if the Republicans ask for Supreme Court intervention if this recount indicates that Gregoire won.

Looks like it's time to call the U.N. and get some foreign inspectors in here to monitor the election.

slaps self across face several times for referring to the U.N. in a positive light, however sarcastic

Better idea. Everybody write up some Washington State ballots, date them November 2nd, and vote for Dino Rossi. Scatter them around the picturesque Washington countryside. Skullduggery is not unknown there- remember Garfield County.

UPDATE: Hmm, there seems to be some veterans who want their votes to be counted as well. But every good Lefty knows: you can't allow the absentee ballots! ...especially if they're military absentee ballots! ...those guys vote... gasp... Repugnican!!!

And with the Dems only leading by ten votes (as of the rerererererererecount), 91 votes would be bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

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Now, uh, what about Kofi?

Top Annan Aide Leaving United Nations

Well, that's a start. Is he taking his boss with him?

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December 22, 2004

Um... grrr?

Okay, sometimes my blogroll doesn't show up. I have no idea why, because sometimes it does. Hmm. Beats me. Anybody out there got any ideas?

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I Can't Possibly Have Been the First One to Think of This

...but since I honestly haven't seen it anywhere else (yet...) I'm claiming originality.

So... moonbats- oh, I'm sorry, the Educated Elite- are planning to protest the inauguration. Well, I'd like to know what they're protesting. "We lost and we wanna cry! Everybody pay attention to me!!!" Um, actually, I like Frank's version better- "I won, I get to keep talking." But since barking moonbats don't stop barking, I have some things about the election that they could protest. Not the inauguration itself, but how about their own party's inability to elect the right guy! Hmm... I guess the delegates to the Electoral College from New York need to go back through Electoral Prep School. I'm pretty sure John L. Kerry didn't run this year, but he somehow came in third behind John F. Kerry. And how about the guy from Minnesota, who caused John Edwards to be in a distant fourth behind Kerry's evil twin. That was just attention to detail. Didn't even spell his name right. I would've laughed SO HARD if any of that had cost Kerry the Presidency.

Anywho. The moral of the story is that I've got the perfect place for the inauguration protestors. All you have to do is transplant this from Boston to Washington. I mean, turnabout is fair play. What could they complain about, they did it to us! Just stick it somewhere on Pennsylvania Avenue. I would suggest soundproofing it first though.

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December 21, 2004

At the request of EvilFakeSarahK

If you haven't read the Great American Airport Story™ yet, you haven't lived. Go. Read now. Make sure you read the sequel too.

(I promise, original content is coming soon...)

P.S. What the Sam Hill happened to my blogroll?

UPDATE, ten seconds later: Okay, the blogroll is back. Don't know why it disappeared. Welcome back, Blogroll!

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December 19, 2004


Had to work this weekend. Stuff broke. Brad had to fix. Make Brad mad. Take time away from blog. Grrr.

UPDATE, 20 Dec: Swamped at work. I'll post sometime after all the nonsense clears up.

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December 18, 2004


Katherine pointed something out for me. The first thing I posted this morning had to do with an opinion piece from the New York Post that I saw on Unfortunately for my loyal reader(s?), you have to have an AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account to get to the piece. I was unaware of this, apologies. Here's the original piece at the Post. Still have no idea who wrote it.

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And in the spirit of CD, SITYSK™ is now the #1 Google search for "sitysk". Not that should be very surprising, with only two hits, "sitysk" not even being a word. But it's a start. Today Google, tomorrow the world!

Note- I am in Honduras. It does strange things to Google.

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Hope you're enjoying my Day of Many Links®

Hey, just found me a nifty blog that seems to be affiliated with the VRWC. Haven't had a chance to peruse his archives yet, but I probably will over the next few days. Go. Read now.

Stranded on Blue Islands

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Go read this

Hey, just like to note that the LCs have a really good thread going on over at the Empire about Psycho Mommy-killing Infant-kidnapping Lady. And, remarkably, it's been nearly free of trolls. Boobert showed up but they ignored him. Mwheh.

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The MainStream Media Strikes Again!!!

'8 dead' in Al Qaeda jailbreak bid

Well, I guess the moonbats can no longer complain that the eeeeevil American warforoil military is holding these eight guys without a trial.

That was gonna be all I said about this article until I read this...

The escape attempt began in the same cell block where three American vigilantes are serving long jail terms for illegally detaining and torturing Afghans in a freelance war on terror.
Thanks, MSM. Although this tidbit has nothing whatsoever to do with this particular story, Reuters couldn't miss the opportunity to point out the faults of the U.S. military.

Hang on, I'm getting a vision of the future:

Texas, 2015: "Lee Beral reporting here from Fort Hood, where the Army has unveiled the future of land combat: the M-237 helijetankillery Mobile Destruction Force. Incidentally, this is the same Fort Hood where a U.S. soldier spoke rudely to some innocent little kid ten years ago. The soldier was punished by the Army, although many today still believe the punishment was not severe enough. The kid, now 20, is still undergoing therapy and is studying to be an attorney. Oh yeah, the tank. It's neat and it makes a big boom. This is Lee Beral."

editor's note- sorry, got carried away. No, I do not foresee the described incident happening next year or at any other time. The Army is professional, and we like little kids.

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You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

Hey, are there any bloggers who have visited or commented on SITYSK™ and are not on my blogroll? Let me know, and I will rectify the situation.

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One hundred visitors! Yay!

Whoever that was just now, you're my hero.

...of course, the first 20 were me, until I fixed my meter. oh well. Happiness for all!

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and we care what you think... why?

From CNN: Insignificant Dirt-Poor Dictatorship Thinks America is Fascist

And we think you're a bunch of Commies. But only one of us is right.

P.S. Isn't Fidel dead yet?

In ongoing attempts to dodge the PC Police, the author would like to make the following statement:

"I am not referring to the Cuban people, here, there, or anywhere. I am referring to your government, who seem to regard you as slaves. Haven't you guys started the revolution yet?"

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Bloggy-type technical question

Um, why does everybody seem to post comments as "anonymous", and then leave their name at the bottom? Do I have something set up wrong, or is it y'all's personal preference?

...continues attempting to make SITYSK™ fun and user-friendly for all...

UPDATE: I think I got it. Is it 'cuz you have to have a Blog*Spot account to comment as yourself?

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Here's a link to satisfy your palate

Blogging rules. When you don't have anything to write, or (in my case right now) don't have time to write what you want, just link somebody that says what you would've said anyway. I found this at the Army homepage. Apparently they got it from the NY Post. (Remember: NY Post & Washington Times good; NY Times & Washington Post bad.) Don't know who wrote it but he/she is right on, and they keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

One little thing I'd like to say. It's been said before, but people learn through repetitious information.

...And among the bloodiest: Over those six weeks alone, America suffered more than 80,000 casualties — including 19,000 killed and nearly 24,000 captured.
19,000 dead soldiers in six weeks. Math time: That's 42 days, or just over a thousand hours. 19,000 in a thousand hours makes 19 dead soldiers every hour. Okay, yeah, this was a rough time for the U.S. Army, and OIF pales in comparison. (IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not taking anything away from the service and sacrifice of my friends fighting in Iraq!!!) But can you imagine if the MSM was covering the Bulge? Or D-Day?

"As we're standing on the Normandy beach, we... wait, we have a report that a soldier has just died at my feet. As I was saying... wait, there's two more a couple yards to my left... and, uh, right. And front. Hey, those four guys all got taken out by one shell. Look, there goes a whole boatful! QUAGMIRE!!!"

CNN & Friends need to realize that people die in wars, and they don't need to report every fatality. Especially if they view all combat deaths in the military as bad. Let me explain before you think that I don't care that I've got fellow servicemembers getting shot and blown up over there.

I think if the MSM wants to report every single solitary combat loss over there, they could shed a different sort of light on it.

"We just received word that another of our brave soldiers, far from home and family, has been killed by the cowardly enemies of our country. We'd like you to join CNN in a moment of silence for this soldier, and then please join us in a prayer for his widow...

"...We wish this fallen soldier's comrades God's blessings as they continue to take the fight to the enemy, making sure that America will remain not only free, but safe."

Hmm. I think I'll start my own news organization. I'll call it "Soldiers Are Not Statistics". Think anybody would watch it?

Kay, that was a lot more than I planned to write. Guess once I start something the words just keep coming. Still got more ideas in the works, but I gotta deal with this whole "job" thing for a little while. Peace... or if your enemies won't play that way, war.

CLARIFICATION: Especially if they view all combat deaths in the military as bad.

After re-reading the post, I'm not entirely sure if I got my point across with that. What I mean is that if a soldier dies fighting America's enemies, you could view that as a hundred civilians not getting slaughtered because the terrorists are being kept quite busy getting shot at by your friendly U.S. Army, Marines, etc. A soldier's death is a very sad experience. I've been part of the funeral team at more than a dozen soldiers' funerals (mostly retirees, all before the War on Terror). But don't look at it negatively. Every time they report another fatality, stop and say, thank God I'm free.

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December 17, 2004

Army stuff

Ugh. Busy. Got a formal function tonight. Should be, um, well, I'll let ya know.

Busy tomorrow too. (Yes, on Saturday.) More Army stuff. Should be able to post something sometime tomorrow though.

...'til then...

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December 16, 2004

Missing Persons Report

Hey, what happened to my troll? That guy was funny.

...did we scare him away?

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San Francisco Considering Opening Itself for Invasion

Apparently San Francisco will vote next year on an "Only-in-a-Blue-State" issue.

San Franciscan voters will be asked to decide next year on a measure that would prohibit the sale, manufacture and distribution of firearms in the city and limit the possession of handguns to those who require them for their jobs.
I'm quite surprised that there is any "manufacture" of firearms in the People's Republik of San Franciski, but there are things in this world I don't know. As far as "limiting"- well that sounds kinda scary, doncha think?

I'm assuming "requiring a handgun for your job" in 'Frisco means you're a cop, end of list. But if I work in a convenience store and I know the only people out there with guns are the criminals, well I most definetely "need" a gun for my job.

The measure qualified for the ballot with the support of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez, Chris Daly, Bevan Dufty, Tom Ammiano and Michela Alioto-Pier.
Yeah, those names sound like they could be a collection of moonbats to me.
The proposed ordinance was drafted in response to handgun violence in San Francisco.
No kidding. Maybe the People's Republik could take a lesson from Switzerland or Israel, where everybody is required to own a gun, and shazam!- crime virtually disappeared.
If approved by voters, the law would go into effect Jan. 1, 2006.
Giving intelligent, law-abiding citizens one year to move to the "red" areas in California.
For 90 days after that, San Francisco residents would be permitted to surrender handguns to their local police station or the Sheriff's Department without penalty.
And I quote: "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Don't accuse me of oversimplifying. Can anyone read that and not think this "proposal" would be a rebuttal of the Second Amendment?

"Hey, I propose that you disregard every known means to defend and protect yourselves! I mean, this is SanFran! Nobody believes in 'evil' here! It's to, um, stop crime! Yeah, that's it!"

Here's a fun algebraic equation for you: People - Guns = Slaves.

Attention, The Twelve Reasonable People Who Still Live in San Francisco: MOVE OUT NOW.

That is all.

UPDATE, two days later: Michelle Malkin has more on the subject, and if you click on the link, you will find out so do a lot of other people.

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Here's to Inside Jokes!

Despite all I've done, Semi-Intelligent Thoughts is still only #5 for "swiss cake rolls" on Google. I give up.

inside brad's mind--- yes, i know i have issues...

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Coming soon to a blog near you...

Hey, when I started this thing (all of two days ago) I had plenty of time to write stuff but was worried I wouldn't be able to think of anything to write. Since last night, I've thought of three different posts I'd like to make but now I don't think I'm gonna have time to write them today. Grrr. Well, they're in the works, stay tuned.

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December 15, 2004


Okay, thanks to me changing my blog clock from Pacific to Central, the post I just made is third (well, fourth now) from the top. Vagaries of blogging. SarahK, it was directed to you, I hope you didn't miss it.

UPDATE: Computers are fun. Go back, edit posts, make up times so they fit where they go. yup.

Now to come up with some actual material instead of stuff like this...

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Hooray! The IMAO T-Shirt Babe has discovered my blog! Life is good!

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Sit-isk. Sit-yisk. Hmm. Time will tell, but I think I might have something there.

And I swear, I didn't steal "SIT" from CD, it just worked out that way.

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Public Service Announcement

Hey, everybody! Just thought I should point out that while all are welcome to partake in the festivities here at SITYSK™, I am in fact a conservative by political leaning. And while I think it's pretty keen that I've already picked up attention from trolls, just know that I'm not gonna take your bait. Differing opinions are welcome here, but be nice. I'm not Emperor Misha. If you wanna start nonsense, the troll-slayers over there would be more than happy to accomodate you.

Oh heck, say whatever you want, I like comments. Invite the whole friggin' DU if you wanna... but if you actually want anybody to pay attention to what you're saying, use some common sense.


the guy who writes this stuff

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My first political post...

...hopefully to be soon joined by many more.

I'm just wondering...

Who decided that states that voted for Bush are "red" and those that voted for Kerry are "blue"? I don't remember there being this whole red/blue nonsense back in 2000, I remember "Bush states" and "Gore states". Correct me if I'm wrong, but this year is the first I've heard of this. Just curious as to why red was assigned to Bush and blue to Kerry.

But I have a theory.

I'd like to think it's because the genius Democratic strategy of "Dixie, Shmixie" assumed that only "Red"necks lived in the South, and Kerry would not need these states to win the election. Um, oops? But that's not my theory. I bet it's because wicked genius Karl Rove somehow knew that many Democrats, after the reality of democracy set in on November 3rd, would suffer from PEST. You know, blue, as in depression, heh heh?

Anyway, that's my take on that issue. More stuff you should know later. When I, uh, think of it.

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Now for one a tad more complex

Cool, it worked. Now let's see if I can take you back to where it all started.

Note to self: (completely off topic) see if I can get the stupid clock to read CST instead of PST. And make comments on for all posts.


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Let me see if I can make a link. Hmm... who should I try?

Duh! CD!

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Well, it has a name now

Hooray. I thought of a name that wasn't already taken. It'll probably change, 'cuz I don't really like it much, but it's a start. Or I guess it's the second step. Work calls. Later.

UPDATE: I'll probably be busy for a couple hours, but hopefully by the time I leave work this afternoon I'll have posted something intelligent. Don't know what yet, but if I think of a random topic I should be good.

Still taking requests for a name. Or any comments at all.

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December 14, 2004


Okay, I have a freakin' blog now. It doesn't have a name, because the first six names I thought of were already in use. So I'm taking suggestions unless I actually come up with something fitting. But since I have no idea where this is going, I'm sure the name will become obvious when I figure out exactly what kind of blog I have. yup.

So anyway. It's a start. I'm off to tell my good friend CD, because this is all his fault. Later.

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