January 30, 2005

Oh well

Apparently, my Google Bomb was a dud.


Any ideas, CD?

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Are you kidding me?

So I was watching CNN yesterday morning and I actually heard this:

"Despite the odds, the war in Iraq is still winnable."

Um, I'm sorry, morons, the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor. That would be like someone saying "Despite the odds, we can still beat Germany and Japan," in spring 1945.

Maybe that quote was originally uttered by Zarqawi. "My fellow revolutionaries, despite the fact that we have been 99% overrun by American Marines, and despite the fact that we mostly have to blow ourselves up to harm our enemies- not good for the war of attrition, mind you!- and despite the fact that my propaganda that democracy is offensive to Allah- which- curse the people!- seems to have been ignored- we can still win in Iraq. Despite the odds. All it will take is several dozen miracles."

I wonder how ol' Z-man feels today. Hmm, guy, three-quarters of Iraqis voted yesterday. Since he thrives on fear and the ignorance of people, I wonder if he even knows that he's rapidly becoming irrelevant. Or maybe he's so full of zeal that he can't tell. Whatever. Isn't he dead yet?

UPDATE: I have another random post, but since it has to do with Zarqawi, I'll just tack it on at the end here.

I read Proverbs every morning (try to anyway). Proverbs is real handy 'cuz it's got 31 chapters and there's 31 days in a month. Okay, five months have less than 31 days, but you can double up on the 30th if you need to. Besides, Proverbs 31 is special. It's the one they wrote about my wife.

Anywho. There was a passage I came across that just screamed "Zarqawi" at me. I think it was the whole "mouth full of swords and knives" thing. But I think it describes him pretty well, so I thought I'd share it.

There are those who curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers; those who are pure in their own eyes and yet are not cleansed of their filth; those whose eyes are ever so haughty, whose glances are so disdainful; those whose teeth are swords and whose jaws are set with knives to devour the poor from the earth, the needy from among mankind.
-Proverbs 30:11-14, NIV
Courtesy Bible Gateway

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January 27, 2005

Him old


Happy birthday, CD!

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January 26, 2005


So. Freakin'. Busy.

So. Much. Crap. To. Get. Done.

Somebody kindly smack me upside the back of the head and tell me to get my priorities straight.

(This has been your weak, lame, whiny excuse for why this blog has been so poorly attended to lately. It's not the only thing. Gotta go, sorry.)

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January 25, 2005

A quick update

Hey, y'all, if you're mad that I haven't posted anything in two days, well... good. 'Cuz first of all that means you care. That makes me happy. If you don't care, well, that's okay, give it time.


This is what you have to blame. I came across it gathering dust in a locker. So I asked if I could sign it out for a while, and haven't done much of anything since.

Spent a little bit of this afternoon dangling from a helicopter. I'd tell y'all the whole story except I have to attend to things like eating and calling me wife. Sorry, gotta have priorities. Those two are even more important than Axis & Allies.

Before I go though, I want to extend a warm SITYSK™ welcome to Tsuki Hoseki. LC Tsuki has left comments on my blog... I am officially a cool blogger now. (^_^)

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January 22, 2005

Too disgusted for words

I hadn't planned to write anything for National "It's Okay To Kill Your Kids" Daythe anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but I followed some links to this.

WARNING! These pictures are horrific. They literally made me cry. (Partly because my fourth kid would right now be referred to as an "abortion-viable fetus" to pro-choicers.) This is not for the faint of heart. If you can look at them and not feel sick, then you have no heart.

Hat tip: Instapunk, via Michelle Malkin.

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I've noticed that today (in which I have done a lot of typing), almost every time I try to type the word "the", I add an "n", and get "then". Hmm.

Well, then spellchecker doesn't pick that up, even if I used then durn thing. Whatever, it's time for lunch. Then author will attempt to post more later.

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It's the weekend! I can finally post stuff!

...don't know how far I'll get, but here we go. We'll start off with a Random Thought.

I remember as Desert Shield was rapidly building up to be Gulf War One, I was about as interested as a not-really-politically-aware, toy-gun-playin'-with, Tom Clancy-readin' twelve-year-old kid could be. I knew Saddam was this bad person who invaded some other country and that was not nice. I knew George Bush was this cool president who wasn't afraid to tell dopey little countries to piss off. I knew enough about history to realize that situations like Iraq invading Kuwait and expecting to get away with it were how Hitler was able to annex Europe. Hence, I knew appeasement was bad.

So. War. Kill dumb Iraqi soldiers who shoulda known better. Go find Saddam and throw him in jail until execution. Freedom is good. Dictators are bad.

"Oil" never crossed my mind. Of course, I wasn't driving yet, so I couldn't care less about gas prices, but if someone would've suggested to me that Bush was liberating Kuwait to save money on oil, I wouldn't have even been able to comprehend their argument. I probably would've looked at them funny.

Come to think of it, that's pretty much how I treat moonbats now, but let's stay on topic.

I remember watching the news and seeing some lady with a big sign that said "Not my son's BLOOD for OIL!"

At the time, I thought, "Aw man, that mom is concerned that her soldier son might get hurt while doing a noble thing and freeing the Kuwaiti people, who happen to have a lot of oil."

How naive I was, back then.

During the buildup to Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was interested but distanced. Literally. I was already in the desert, just not in Saudi or Kuwait. I was deeeeeeeeeeep in my deployment to Afghanistan. My thoughts on the upcoming war were, "This should be easy. I sure hope Bush doesn't listen to all these stupid people in the U.N. who say we shouldn't invade. Anyway, it's about friggin' time, we shoulda capped that moron back in '91. Oh, and I hope my friends over there getting ready to move north come out of this thing all right."

I noticed (rather passively) that there were people marching in the streets who apparently thought this was 1968 and we were still fighting Commies in Vietnam. Now, understand, at this point I had never even heard of the blogosphere, let alone moonbats, etc. I was not involved politically at all. Oh, I was still the same conservative Christian I had always been, I just wasn't involved.

But it made me wonder just who these morons thought they were. What were they trying to prove? Don't you guys know you look id-i-OT-ic? To me, it was cut and dry. Saddam was a psycho killer that was attempting to destroy the United States. I was pissed off that he had been free between 1991 and 2002. And there were actual U.S. citizens that would protest the removal of this threat. Hmph.

I didn't know at the time about Bush=Hitler, Warforoil, or HalliburtonZionistImperialistVastRightWingConspiracies. (I was still getting the little bit of news I watched from CNN... silly me...) I wouldn't find out about all that until long after I got back from Afghan and started reading blogs.

Tying it all together:

That lady back in '90-'91 was a moonbat. I see that now. My young impressionable self- or should I say not-quite-woke-up-to-the-reality-of-stupid-people self- thought that she was a concerned mother. Now I would venture to guess that she didn't even have a son in the military, or if she did, she didn't have a clue what his job description was. Or maybe she would use him as political leverage- she was obviously a Lefty, and that's definetely not beneath them. Not much is.

Kay I think I'm 'bout all done. This may or may not have much of a point, but I read something last night that reminded me of that lady. So for the first time, I put two and two together, and I felt like writing about it. The End.

Hey, if this entertained or enlightened you in the slightest, kindly visit the new site.

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I will now attempt a Google Bomb

I hope this works... time will tell.

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If this makes no sense whatsoever to you, don't worry. It's an inside joke. Someday I might tell the whole story for the benefit of everybody besides CD and Katherine.

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January 20, 2005


So I liveblogged the whole friggin' inauguration.

And when I went to click "save draft", to proof & post it after lunch, Blogger wasn't working.

Erased the whole thing.


But hey, I go by the idea that if somebody offers something for free, you don't really have the right to complain if it's jacked up.

But still.


Note to self: Whenever writing anything longer than this post here, cut & paste and save it to Microsoft Word. Just in case Blogger craps out, later on I'll be able to re-cut & re-paste, and post the stinkin' thing.


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January 19, 2005



...er, sorry.

You love me! You really love me!

...that is all.

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I heart Condi*

Kay I really don't have this post all the way put together but I'm sick and tired of not posting anything. So I'm going with what I got.

Condoleezza Rice approved by senate foreign relations committee

The vote was 16-2 in favor of confirming her. And our two winners are:

Senator John F. "I Just Horribly Lost A Presidential Race But I Went To Vietnam" Kerry, and...

The Right Honorable Senator Barbara Boxer (D)uh-People's Republik of California, who from what I understand was vigorously opposed to appointing Dr. Rice. She had these important things to say:

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Oh, I'm sorry, Senator, you seem to have lost all credibility. Therefore, anything you say from this point on is null and void.

I was only able to catch bits and pieces of Condi's interrogationconfirmation hearing, but most of what I saw was Sen. Boxer looking like an idiot...


...and Condi giving her the Blank Stare of Contempt. She's got it down good. As one who has used said Stare extensively, I can tell you that her technique is perfect. Basically the Senator would bring up a bunch of nonsensical crap and Condi would just GAZE** at her. I was waiting for her to just jump up and say "Stupid woman! I am Condi! Comb your hair, hippie!" But I guess that wouldn't be diplomatic, and that is her job now. From the snippings of her speech that I was able to catch, it sounds like she'll basically tell stupid countries to piss off. I like that.

As far as our two wayward senators, hey, I'm not down with being political. If you think something's not right, call it. Even if it goes against what everybody expects.

Sadly, I'm reasonably certain that's not the reason those two voted against her. Hmm. Kerry. "Your boss just kicked my pinkytoe, and I'm mad! Mad, I tells ya, MAD!"

And, of course, Boxer. Whatever. Reminds me of this congresswoman who voted against the war, back in September 2001. I don't wanna hear your excuses, lady- and I don't care if you're from Berkeley- what were you tring to prove? That was just a grab for attention, and it worked. I'm still babbling about her idiocy now. I should stop.

Anywho. That's what I got. Had to post something, I was about to go blogcrazy. More stuff you should know later on.

*- the phrase "I heart [insert person or thing that you heart here]" is a registered trademark of SarahK. Oh, and so is "pinkytoe". And I believe that the actual words "I heart Condi" have been used previously either by her or at IMAO.

Gotta watch those copyright infringement lawsuits.

**- what one does to a troll. Condi must be a regular at the Empire.

UPDATE: This cartoon sums up the whole issue. Fun-knee. Cox & Forkum rule.

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funny stuff

This is friggin' funny. Go. Read now.

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Happy BlogiversaryTwo-days-after-your-blogiversary-but-it's-not-my-fault, SarahK!

That is all.

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I promise, content is coming soon

Been working like a dog. Hopefully we'll get caught up today or tomorrow and I can write all the crap that I've got in my "save drafts" box before it gets too late to post it. Or else- maybe- I'll get to write it this weekend. "Weekend" meaning time off from work, which the Army conveniently forgot over what was supposed to be a four-day and wound up being a one-and-a-half day. Grrr. Whatever.

UPDATE: Now Blogger is acting up. Grrr, some more.

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January 16, 2005

This is gonna be good

Yesterday I mentioned that I never get around to posting much of anything 'cuz I'm always reading other blogs. Well, today I've got an excuse. Every evening Kate's pet troll comes over to The Original Musings and replies to the replies that we reply to her previous replies. With me so far? Good.

Well, since last night there has been some insanely funny and devious comments on several threads. And when she shows up tonight, it's gonna be hi-LA-ri-ous. Check 'em out:

Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.

The 2nd, 4th, 7th, and last ones are the best. It's on.

Pass the popcorn, please. It's time to watch the trollhead explode again.

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January 15, 2005

A whole bunch of random thoughts

Holy crap. If you like silliness, you must read the comments on this post. Tao Libra already got Michelle's head to asplode, now we're trying to get her brain to sizzle and smoke.

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Two Random Thoughts

Random thought #1: My hit counter just read 888. That's weird.

Random thought #2: Why the Sam Hill does Tsuki Hoseki not have a blog yet?!

...don't ask. Just wanted to let that out.

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Help! Help! Blogger in distress!

Okay, I've discovered a major hindrance to blogging. Well, earlier this week the hindrance was that whole "job" thing, which even took most of my day off yesterday and part of my Saturday. But now that it's officially the weekend (meaning I am not required to work- I've had weekends be on Tuesday & Wednesday before) I have time to attend to the blog. I realized that it has in fact been over a week since I posted anything with real content. So. All set to blog. Lots and lots of drafts ready to expound on. Er, most of them are now old news, delete, delete, and delete. So. All set to blog. Discovered a problem.

As my tiny li'l personal blogosphere expands (as evidenced by the blogroll), catching up on everything takes up more and more of my computer time. I mean, I've been pretty much out of the loop for a lot of this week. Gotta catch up. Gotta make sure SarahK and FrankJ made it to Florida on time. Gotta find out just why Frank got stabbed in the butt. Gotta see if Risawn made it to Kosovo yet. Gotta keep up with all the threads at the Empire. Gotta think of a semi-intelligent comment for SIT that CD hasn't already covered. Gotta see if Tao Libra and Michelle Millhouse have succeeded in killing each other yet while Kate laughs.

So, uh, what happens when my blogroll has a hundred links in it? So far everything over there is sites that I read. It's like subscribing to twenty different newspapers. The easy answer is to pick and choose what I'll read, but then when I go back to a blog I haven't read for a week, I'm all lost. Humph.

So anywho. What does one do in this predicament? I'd really like to post something, but I have to go read Michelle Malkin, and she posts a novel a day. Don't know how she does it. Gotta catch up.

P.S.- Ordinarily all the examples would've been linked but that'd just be way too much work. If any of these stories piqued your interest, peruse the blogroll.

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And there was much rejoicing


Happy birthday, Emperor Misha!

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January 14, 2005


A Story:

Eight years ago today, at oh-dark-thirty in the freezing Michigan morning, some kid got on a bus and headed for the airport. After his first flight on a jet, and a looooooong bus ride from Atlanta to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, he made the acquaintance of some of the finest NCOs this country has ever known. (Drill Sergeants Hill, Hall, and McCoy- if y'all ever read this, thanks.) They began the painful and arduous process of turning said kid into a soldier. Add eight years, a trip to Korea, a lot of getting familiar with Southeast Alabama, mix in a couple vacations to places like Kosovo and Afghanistan, and sprinkle on a recent "redistribution of Brad" to Central America, and you get... me.

It's my Armiversary. Thank you, thank you. No applause necessary. Just doing my job.

Incidentally, this is also the one-month anniversary of SITYSK™.


What? Oh, now y'all don't wanna clap. I see how ya are. Okay.

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January 13, 2005

A deploying soldier's take on Iraq

No, the soldier is not me, although I agree with her 100%. No, the soldier is not going to Iraq (yet?), but it got your attention, and she is deploying. I've linked to Risawn once or twice before, but today she wrote an excellent post. Here's a tasty morsel:

Nobody hates war more then those who have to fight it. But the true warrior understands the need that sometimes you have to fight for something greater then yourself.
Freakin' A.
And this is an all volunteer army. I knew that going to war was a great possibility if I signed up. If I have any regrets about going to Iraq or Kosovo, I have nobody to blame but myself.
Yeah! Listen up, Pablo Paredes!

Risawn rocks.

Kosovo... happy memories...

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Joy like a fountain

Hey, just about everything that's happened to me in the last three days has been atrociously bad. This has been a generally overall sucky week. And I am just happy as a clam right now. Why, you ask? Because it all became clear tonight when I talked to my wife. The devil worked out a very elaborate plan to attack me here, and my wife and kids back home, at the same time, unbeknownst to each other. Well, sorry pal, the cat's out of the bag, and I'm on to you. I gotta hand it to him, he managed to give me and my family three real crappy days. But it's funny. He spent so much time setting everything up only to tip his hand.

You see, the devil only exerts himself this much when he very much wants something for himself, or very much wants to stop what God's about to do. Well, there's a lot of things that God's working in our lives right now, so all the devil just did was tip us off that God's about to do something very big. Thanks, guy.

Now that I'm done dealing with the devil, I'm ready to receive my blessing. It's funny, it took everything going wrong to get a real praise on my lips. Hmmm... that makes me think.

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January 12, 2005

Bloggy slump

Hey, The People™, sorry about the lack of intelligent posting this week. I spent all my bloggy time over the weekend making SITYSK™ all purty. This week I'm either busy at work or, when I have time to post, I'm either tired or can't put anything together. I got a lot of stuff on deck to write, I just have to get around to it. Stay tuned.

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January 09, 2005


Well, the blog looks kindasorta the way I want it to now. More tweaking to follow some other time, but I think it's getting there.

Input, loyal Readers! Input!

UPDATE: Messed around with the font a bit. Whatch'y'all think?

(Yes, "whatch'y'all" is a word. I speak Alabamian, deal with it.)

UPDATE #2: The People™ have spoken! The Font™ shall be "Trebuchet"! So let it be decreed!

(Thanks, y'all)

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Combat Killer Risawn

The Not Sorry Babe has a new picture. Go. Look now.

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I have been remiss

I just now discovered that LC the Humble DevilDog has a blog. I was not aware. Go. Read now.

Semper fi!

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Give me your input, SITYSK™ Readers!

Well, I spent some time messing around with my template tonight. It looks a little different now. What do y'all think? Any proposed changes?

UPDATE: It took me all of ten seconds to find out I still have work to do. I give up. I'm going to bed.

Still wanna know what y'all think, though.

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January 08, 2005

Bloggy technical question

Okay, I'm getting irritated. For some reason, if you italicize anything in my comments, it squishes your next sentence up against the end of what was italicized. If you type it the way you want it and then preview it, it looks right, but then when you post it, it's all jacked up. Even [p] for paragraph break and [BR] for line break won't work, 'cuz it kicks those tags out when it's doing comments.(Brackets wrong on purpose.)


Anybody know what's going on?

UPDATE: Also, when attempting to change my archiving to monthly, my blog went completely insane.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Okay, the archiving is fixed. Don't know what its problem was.

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January 07, 2005


Hey, this map, and the idiotic idea that goes with it, are old news. But ever since they came up with it, I've been calling myself a proud resident of Jesusland. I figure it's Lefty, anti-God hatred against what was a clear victory in the election by normal people, many of whom are not Christians. You know, the "I'm-scared-to-admit-that-you're-much-better-than-me-for-reasons-I-cannot-comprehend-so-I'm-just-gonna-sit-here-and-cry" kind of hatred. Kind of like the hatred offered by Islamofascists who call America the Great Satan. Whatever. Don't be mad because we have the lion's share of the world's resources. Not only are we the best country, but your pitiful excuse for nationhood barely merits a good bombing. And the kind of hatred we get from the U.N.- we were gonna do a great job fixing the situation in the Indian Ocean, but y'all butted in. Don't be mad, U.N. Your agony at being a useless group of bureaucrats will all be over soon, and you can go back to messing up your own countries. Ahh... wishful thinking...

Anywho, back from my trip down Tangent Lane, I am a happy citizen of Jesusland. Anybody else live here?

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please please please please please let it be true

I didn't think I'd ever link to Al-Jazeera, but this is being reported on several international networks. I just like the irony of reading about the head of a terrorist network being captured on a terrorist TV network.

Hat tip: The Original Musings

Note to self: Let it be a couple days before you use the word "network" again.

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Bloggy Aesthetics Poll

Hey, the blockquotes on Blogger seem okay in moderation, but for a fisking they can get downright annoying. The author would like The People's™ input on whether blockquotes should be changed to italics in the future.

'Cuz, you know, I'm here for you. This is a reader-friendly blog.

UPDATE, 30 Mar: Well, if you're going through my archives, I'm changing all the old irritating italics to blockquotes. Since I wrote this post I've learned quite a bit about HTML and now know a bit more about making things all purty.

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Now I will semi-fisk a story about two psychotic teenagers.

Idiotic law doesn't allow murdering psycho to be charged with crime

Hey, here comes some more nonsense involving Metro Detroit. This apparently took place near my hometown in Macomb County, Michigan. But crap like this makes me glad that my "home" is now Lower Alabama.

RICHMOND TOWNSHIP - Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said his hands were tied when it came time to decide whom to charge in the baseball bat beating death of a fetus being carried by a teenage girl.
I'd go with the people that were responsible for said fetusbaby's death. Unfortunately...
He decided Tuesday to do the only thing one state statute allowed: charge the boyfriend who wielded the bat, hitting his girlfriend in the stomach repeatedly over a two-week period, but let the girl off the hook, uncharged.
Two weeks? Couldn't murder the child in one go? Where is the ACLU, who should right about now be screaming about prolonging this torture for two weeks?

Oh yeah, they'll probably side with the psychos. They usually do. We'll see some ACLU-like activity a little later on.

The Richmond Township boy, 16, who may be arraigned as early as today in Macomb County Juvenile Court, is at home with his parents. He was charged as a juvenile with intentional conduct against a pregnancy or stillbirth, which is a felony. If convicted, he could remain in custody until age 21.
Good. But not good enough.
But the girl, also from Richmond - who was a willing participant in the induced abortion, law enforcement officials say - cannot be charged under that law because it specifically excludes the mother from criminal liability.
That makes about as much sense as saying that the guy who was at the wheel of the car during a drive-by wasn't at all responsible for the poor suckers that got killed on the sidewalk. It's called "being an accomplice", morons.

Wait, there's precedent...

At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him. Meanwhile, the witnesses laid their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul. While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit." Then he fell on his knees and cried out, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them." When he had said this, he fell asleep. And Saul was there, giving approval to his death.

-Acts 7:57-8:1a

I think it's pretty clear that Saul is held accountable. Even though he didn't throw any stones. But here comes our wonderful, idiotic law:

In part because it still was legal to abort the fetus, the decision renewed debate over the protection of fetuses and the fairness of charging just one of two juveniles who allegedly agreed to kill their unborn child.
She can't be charged because the baby wasn't born yet. So lemme get this straight: Scott Peterson can be convicted of murder for causing the death of his not-quite-born-yet baby, but this girl can't be charged because an abortion was always an option for her. Hmm.
Although Smith called the case "shocking and reprehensible," he added, "we are bound by the law. We don't have the option of charging (the girl)."
Well, he was right about it being shocking and reprehensible, but you need to get somebody to change that law there, brother. Michigan State Congress, hello? You guys paying attention?
Smith said if the 6-month-old fetus had been viable, the boy would have been charged with manslaughter of a quick-born child, a 15-year felony.
VIABLE!? Oh, I'm sorry, you were being an idiot. What, pray tell, is an "inviable" fetus? Do you start taking odds on whether they'll be born, and their chances improve dramatically at six months?
The girl could have then also received the same charge for aiding and abetting.
I'm pretty sure she did that even if her kid wasn't six months old yet. But I would call her crime "Accomplice to torture and first-degree murder".
Miranda Massie,
Enter the moonbat...
...a Detroit civil rights attorney,
Hearing the word "civil" about a person's career choice always makes me believe that their whole mission in life is to provide incivility.

ACLU: Un-American. Incivil. Opposed to liberties. Union... well, they got one word right.

Back on topic.

...believes neither teen should be charged.
Yeah! They're the real victims here! While you're at it, free that nice Saddam guy!

Right now I really wish I didn't abstain from vulgarity. Rachel Lucas, describe this woman, please?

Rachel Lucas' favorite word

Thank you.

"My heart went out to these poor kids," Massie said. "I believe it is a terrible mistake to be charged at all. This is a tremendous waste of public resources."
Sure, lady. Let's stop charging all criminals. That would save money on prisons and courts. We could let all the cops find a new line of work. Massive new budgets could be created if we just stopped dealing with crime!

No, wait, the criminals would steal it all. Oh well. My heart goes out to you, lady... 'cuz you're a moron.

"What is Macomb County going to gain by criminal charges?"
Well, for starters, Psycho #1 will be off the streets.

Furthermore- wait, no that one reason is good enough for me.

She contacted the family of the boy to represent him. She believes that neither teen deserves to be charged.
Hey, that's cool. Every criminal is granted the right to an attorney and a fair trial. After which he will spend the remainder of his teenage years in lockup, where he belongs.

Oh, and you're an idiot, lady.

Smith charged the boy under a state law passed in 1999 - called the "Prenatal Protection Act" - that states only the person assaulting a pregnant woman resulting in a miscarriage is criminally liable. The pregnant woman, no matter how complicit in the termination, is not.
Change that law, immediately. Problem solved.
If that provision had not been written into the statute, it would have clashed with the federal law that allows abortions under the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S Supreme Court decision, said Pam Sherstad, spokeswoman for Right to Life of Michigan, which worked to pass the 1999 state law.
Oh, I stand corrected. That's the law that needs to be changed.

(/fisk mode)
(break mode)

Hey, listen. My fellow bloggers must have much more patience than me when it comes to fisking. It takes a long friggin' time. And a true fisk is usually done of an editorial, anyway. It doesn't work as well with a news report. So far I've been going paragraph-by-paragraph, saying something about each whether I had anything relevant to say or not. Since most of what I'm irritated about is stupid psycho kids, stupid laws, and a stupid "civil rights" lawyer, I will now hit fast-forward. Hence the "semi-fisk".

(/break mode)
(semi-fisk mode)

"...you can't have a state law that interferes with federal law. The Prenatal Protection Act was designed to protect pregnant women who are assaulted by someone resulting in the death of their unborn child. This is obviously a unique case."
Amen. Somebody with some sense.
Arthur Caplan, professor of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, believes the girl should be charged with planning, plotting or conspiring to murder.
Amen #2.
"But it's tough to do, because the law takes a different view of developing potential life than it does of actual life," Caplan said.
Yeah, we need to change that, too.
"If the boy was charged with murder she probably would be facing charges, too."
And just how is this punk not gonna be charged with murder? Stay tuned...
"But being involved in causing a miscarriage is not as severe as murder," Caplan said.
Ah. He "caused a miscarriage". Um, aka murder.
"Ethically, you could argue that this seems wrong,"
And you'd be right.
"...but the law draws a sharp distinction between killing your child and a fetus that's not yet viable. That may strike some pro-life people and conservatives as wrong, but that's the way the law is now."
Fine. We've been over this: CHANGE THE STUPID LAW!!!
Lori Lamerand, vice president of the Planned Parenthood Mid-Michigan Alliance,
Evil! Must destroy now!

Oh, sorry, when I hear "Planned Parenthood", my brain translates it to "Population Control via Murdering as Many Babies as Possible".

...said pregnant teens have safer options available than terminating a pregnancy without a doctor.
What, like having their friggin' kid? That's a good way to terminate a pregnancy. Finishing what they started.
"It's always tragic when people resort to such drastic measures, when there are appropriate, safe medical measures are available," Lamerand said.
You're in no position to talk. Look who you work for.
Detectives from the state police Richmond Post investigated the claim, and went to the boyfriend's home, where they found the buried fetus.
Awful sweet of them. They gave the kid they murdered a proper burial.

Oh, wait, they were just "concealing the evidence". Doesn't look good in court, there, psychos.

The fetus died of premature birth associated with trauma to the mother, according to chief Macomb County Medical Examiner Dr. Daniel Spitz.
"Trauma to the mother"? Okay, can we convict Stupid Boy of aggravated assault to Stupid Girl, too?
The fetus could not have survived outside the womb at the time of miscarriage, he ruled.
Irrelevant. It was a functioning human being until they beat on it with a baseball bat.

Grrr. Stupid people make me mad. Especially when they kill people and get away with it. I'll, uh, work on my fisking technique.

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The al-Qaeda link is looking more real...

MS-13 appears to be linked to al-Qaeda. Two short weeks ago when I wrote this it seemed like a far-fetched idea that I was willing to entertain because their actions were reminiscent of Muslim terrorists. Part II is here, and it was starting to look like it might actually be possible. Now it's likely. At the rate we're going, the story will be full-blown and obvious in no time.

Hat tip: LGF

If this topic interests you at all, stay tuned to Michelle Malkin. Every few days she writes about MS-13.

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A good pissing-offage early in the morning

Here's a quick link until I have a chance to post the thing I wrote yesterday (haven't finished proofing it yet).

This will make you very angry. If it doesn't, you need to calibrate your Moonbat Meter, because you may in fact be crazy.

Hat tip: LGF, via Anywhere But Here.

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January 05, 2005

Exactly how I would've said it

Kris has written an outstanding post about interracial adoption. I left my 2¢. Go. Read now.

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Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.

500 visitors!!! YAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

(/Howard Dean mode)

Okay, I know everybody spells The Scream "yeeaaarrgghhh", but it always sounded like "yaaaahhh" to me. Anywho...

Wonderful comments recently left on SITYSK™:

Thanks for StuffIThinkYouShouldKnow-alancheing me, by the way! Wahoo! Talk about hitting the big-time!
Well, IowaSoccerMom, I'm really curious as to how many hits you got because of me, but okay. You're welcome.
I'm sitting in Tokyo and reading your blog...
Holy Crap... I'm bi-continental!

Okay, that sounded weird. Moving on...

You made it to the big time over at my place -- I took you out of the blogroll and added you to my permanent links. You're part of the Authentic Official Original Musings Drop Down Menu System™ dude. Aren't you impressed?
Highly. That makes three bloggers who think enough of SITYSK™ to link to me. YAAAAaaa... oops, there I go again.

UPDATE: Um, oops. I just realized that the first two lines of this post were subconciously but blatantly plagiarized from CD. I had to give credit where it's due, because last time he shook his fist and scared me.

runs away
sits down, assumes the pose of The Thinker
tries as hard as possible to come up with SOMETHING original

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January 03, 2005

Movin' on up

Yay! IowaSoccerMom blogrolled me! She gets her own special post (sorry, I'm all out of VIP parking spaces).

I'm headed for the big time, I tells ya!

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The author would like The People™ to be informed that he is shamelessly stealing the outstanding phrase "Left Supremacist" from AYC. From now on, the author will refer to moonbats of the Educated Elite persuasion as "Left Supremacists". This is now SITYSK™ policy.

...and he will stop referring to himself in the third person, before he starts calling himself an idiot.

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The sequel to the sequel to the parallel novel to Ender's Game is on the way. Go. Read now.

UPDATE: Hmm, it occured to me that the link might not be useful to anyone who hasn't read Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, and Shadow Puppets. Actually, you probably need to read Ender's Game too (that's the one that started it all, read it first). It's the kind of series where you'll have no idea what's going on if you didn't read the previous book. So. Go buy them, read them all, in order, and then go back and click that "Go" link. It'll make sense. The author does not want confusion among The People™.

...no, not the author of the books! I'm the "author"! Orson Scott Card, now he's the Author. Hope that clears it up.

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January 01, 2005

This is the sound of me eating my words


Explanation here, down near the bottom of the post. 38-37 Longhorns, in the last second of the game. Grrr.

Was a pretty good game though, except both teams seem to have forgotten to play defense. But this kid is a bad mamajama. And he's a freshman, so Texas has got a couple real good years ahead of them. But hey, the Wolverines have a couple bad-looking freshman too, so we'll just see about those dirty Buckeyes next season, now won't we?!

(perusing my above babblings) I think I have got to face the reality that I am just not a sportswriter. I guess it's a good thing for this blog that there's no hockey this year, otherwise I might never write anything intelligent. Back to political rants. Yay.

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It's Lookin' Mighty Rosy

So I rolled myself out of bed at about 1030ish. Called the wife. Turned on the TV. Channelsurfed.

Now, I don't normally go out of my way to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade. I'm just not a parade guy. But since it is a pretty cool thing to watch, I figured hey, if I come across it, I might watch it. Don't know what channel it's on. Don't know when it starts or ends. Y'know, whatever.

As I flipped through the channels, I did find the parade. And wouldn't you know, the very first thing I saw was the University of Michigan marching band. I don't know if they were the first guys to be in the parade and I just happened to get to the right channel as the parade started. However it worked, it's freaky. I don't believe in omens, but... hmm.

Anyway. Take that however you want. In a few short hours, the Wolverines will begin the thrashing of Texas, and I can return to blogging about things beside college football.

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