5 Jan 05

Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.

500 visitors!!! YAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

(/Howard Dean mode)

Okay, I know everybody spells The Scream "yeeaaarrgghhh", but it always sounded like "yaaaahhh" to me. Anywho...

Wonderful comments recently left on SITYSK™:

Thanks for StuffIThinkYouShouldKnow-alancheing me, by the way! Wahoo! Talk about hitting the big-time!
Well, IowaSoccerMom, I'm really curious as to how many hits you got because of me, but okay. You're welcome.
I'm sitting in Tokyo and reading your blog...
Holy Crap... I'm bi-continental!

Okay, that sounded weird. Moving on...

You made it to the big time over at my place -- I took you out of the blogroll and added you to my permanent links. You're part of the Authentic Official Original Musings Drop Down Menu System™ dude. Aren't you impressed?
Highly. That makes three bloggers who think enough of SITYSK™ to link to me. YAAAAaaa... oops, there I go again.

UPDATE: Um, oops. I just realized that the first two lines of this post were subconciously but blatantly plagiarized from CD. I had to give credit where it's due, because last time he shook his fist and scared me.

runs away
sits down, assumes the pose of The Thinker
tries as hard as possible to come up with SOMETHING original

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