18 Jun 05

Hooray! Fun neat things!

Good news! Thanks to the never-ending hard work of Pixy Misa, The MuNuMaster, all my old Bog*Splot entries are here at the new site. WOOHOO! They are now forever safe from the clutches of the Bloggmonster. Thanks to Jim for the heads-up, even though I've been checking Munuviana religiously waiting for the Importeriser.

Also, thanks to Kate, I got me a nifty "Recent Comments" thingy. Still a bit of tweaking to do to the sidebar but it's getting there. Finally got around to letting TTLB and the Alliance know I changed my URL so they can update me. Still working on making SITYSK™ a three-column blog. Don't want Eric to think I'm wasting his time...

...and now, for some content! (I hope.) Been a very busy week at work after a kinda-sorta busy month, so blogging has pretty much screeched to a halt lately- but it looks like I'm over the hump and will be able to write all the stuff I've been meaning to. Especially bashing the ACLU. If I don't get off my keester and write something Jay might kick me off the BlogBurst. noooo...

Okay, well, it's late, and my brain has stopped working. That's my excuse if this post is written strangely. Brad is tired. I will sleep now.

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Don't I owe you a simplified 3 column template?

Eric decided we should know this on 18 Jun 05 at 2358

Do you? I thought that was it.

Army NCO Guy decided we should know this on 19 Jun 05 at 0010

Hooray for importing!!!

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