17 Jun 05

Mama, it followed me home, can I keep it?

Sweet! I've taken my next big step as a blogger! I have an honest-to-God troll!

See, I thought I had a troll my second day on Bog*Splot, but he disappeared. Kind of a one-night-stand troll. But this new guy, the brilliantly named "RealityCheck", left droppings on not one but three posts! Yay!

His first insightful remark is here, where I mentioned that white descendants of slave-owners don't owe black descendants of slaves anything. His 2˘:

Wow, your parents must be so proud to have such a racist as a son.

What a loser redneck.

Well, yes, my parents are proud of me, thanks. But there's a teeny flaw in your logic- see, my wife is -gasp- black. From Chicago (center of the you-dirty-crackas-owe-me-sumthin' movement), no less.

Aw, shucks. There goes your whole argument. But wait, you've still got two more chances!

His next attempt at wisdom was to insult my son:

He can't actually walk, he is 85% retarded, he has no social skills and he will grow up to be a racist like his dad... but you are so proud. good for you.

Well, gosh, that's not very nice. But let's pick apart your argument:

He can't actually walk...
You know, that's technically true. He's a three-year-old, which means "walk" is not one of his speeds. His two speeds are "run" and "faster than I can move".

...he is 85% retarded...
Um, nope. In case you forgot to read the gist of the post, he recited the Pledge of Allegiance. In its entirety. By himself. Sounds like a pretty smart kid to me.

...he has no social skills...
Well, I'm assuming that at the daycare he says the pledge with other kids. Y'know, his friends.

...and he will grow up to be a racist like his dad...
Ooh, here's where your logic falls apart again. You see, I'm not his biological father... but I am very much his daddy. My oldest son is 87.5% black... and an eighth Italian. So if he grows up to be racist against black people it'll be very odd indeed, considering he's darker than his mommy. And considering he fiercely protects his mulatto younger brothers, I'd say race isn't an issue with him. After all, he's never asked me why I'm so much lighter than everybody else in the family. Apparently he's more mature than you.

...but you are so proud.
Sure am!

...good for you.

Two strikes, man. One more try. Let's go for it!

I am glad you are so easily amused, figures though

...written in response to a brief post congratulating Michelle Malkin on a year of blogging.

So I'm easily amused by being mildly excited that a blogger I love to read has celebrated a milestone. What was that you said earlier about "no social skills"? So if someone you know has a birthday, do you say "sorry man, can't get amused that easy, no song or cake for you!"?

Well... that's three strikes. You're out, bro. Sorry. But come back anytime- I christen you "The Official SITYSK™ Troll". You're amusing. Oh, drat, there I go being "easily amused" again.

But, uh, it's not a good idea to talk about my family. Just a friendly warning.

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