20 Jun 05

The world isn't fair. I will pout now.

So this morning, I discovered that basil trackbacked me. Twice.


And I still can't get to his blog.


I wonder if he's been blacklisted by this Army-issue server. It keeps giving me a firewall error. Why that would happen, I have no idea. Is anybody else having trouble getting there?

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I got a forbbiden message as well. Intriguing! What don't they want us to know. It's a conspiracy!!!

Probably he is having some sort of server problems.

Rachel Ann decided we should know this on 20 Jun 05 at 2251

It's been going on for about a month. Now I'm getting a 404. What th' Sam Hill?!

Army NCO Guy decided we should know this on 21 Jun 05 at 0911

I think you may be getting a 404 because the hyperlink somehow included your URL in it. It happens.

CD decided we should know this on 21 Jun 05 at 1342
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