1 Jun 05

Hooray! Memes!

This meme is brought to you by Kate. I'd say she's forcing me to do work, but seeing as I'm trying to dig myself out of this bloggy slump, she's simply providing me purpose, motivation, and direction.

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

Well, at one point it would've been up around 250ish, but most of them have been gradually sold off in garage sales to buy slightly more important things like diapers and baby food.

Seeing as the kiddos pretty much take away most of the movie-watchin' time anyway, I haven't missed them.

Plus I'm in Honduras, and the DVDs are in Alabama. Except for nine of them. Had to bring my war movies with me.

2) The last film I bought:

Sheesh. I can't even remember.

It was probably a war movie. Heh.

3) The last film I watched:

Well, your friendly U.S. Army has provided its soldiers here with free cable, to include 18 movie channels, so I see movies all the freakin' time. However, it usually means I have to watch pieces of a movie four or five times before I see the whole thing. I think the most recent one was The Italian Job. Wait, nope, still haven't seen the beginning. Also in the running include LOTR (the second and third one), um, Miracle, uhh, Equilibrium, and some other ones, I guess.

Oh. Snap. The Core, and The Day After Tomorrow. I'm all about the "OMG we're all gonna die!!!" movies. They make me laugh.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Quoth Kate:

Wow ... only five? Crud. This is hard.

No kidding. Before I even start, they'll probably all be war movies. Y'know what? I'm gonna cheat. Screw your rules! My blog! I do what I want!!!

So, without any further ado, Five (Or So) War Movies That Mean A Lot To Me:

Braveheart (it's kind of a war movie)
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers (mini-series, but it counts)

And... Five (Or So) Not-About-War Movies That Mean A Lot To Me:

Shrek & Shrek 2 (not really that important to me, but important to the boys- and anything that can keep them enraptured for two hours straight is important to me)
The Passion of the Christ
PCU- back in the day, anyway

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal/blog:

That's gonna be a tall order. I can't say Kate 'cuz she sent this to me. Can't say HDD 'cuz Kate sent it to him, too. Uhh... are there even five other bloggers who read SITYSK™?

Hmm. Let's see:

1. CD (Semi-Intelligent Thoughts)
2. Jay (Stop the ACLU)- a Loyal Reader™, even though I've been negligent in my duties as a BlogBurster
3. basil (basil's blog)- even though for some odd reason I haven't been able to access his blog for about two weeks*
4. Jennifer (Jennifer's Musings)
5. Jeremiah (Not a Unique Snowflake)

Alrightythen. S'all I got. Are you not entertained?


Oh, yeah, and add Gladiator to my list of important movies.

*- Freaky weirdness. Today, out of the blue, I can. Guess I got a lot of catch-up reading to do over there.

UPDATE: Hooray! Trackback! (It's my first one... ever... so I'm celebrating. Happy Juice for all!)

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Loyal Readers™ have spoken up!

Braveheart. Dammit, I love that movie. Five is just not enough -- I liked your "divide 'em by categories" method, though. And I'm glad you named CD, because I wanted to, but I figured "no, Army NCO Guy will name him, so I don't have to use a slot on him!"

Good thing they didn't entitle the quiz "here are five simple questions -- can you follow the rules and answer them?" Everybody would have failed!

Kate decided we should know this on 1 Jun 05 at 1225

So I finally get tagged with a meme!! Thanks alot! I hate these things. I'll try to squeeze it on Friday, K?

Jay decided we should know this on 1 Jun 05 at 1229

I'm glad you didn't, Kate. I had enough trouble pulling four other names. And Jay- no response required. We can just stick with the rebellious trend and ignore the intent of the meme. (I was the guy who, if you sent some stupid chain letter to my email, would shove it back in your face and blame you for all my bad luck. I'm all about shirking the established guidelines. And I'm in the Army, so the Internet is the only place where I can get away with that.)

Army NCO Guy decided we should know this on 1 Jun 05 at 1312

Hey, I'm popular!

Also, it's good to know that someone else has seen Gettysburg. Awesome movie.

CD decided we should know this on 1 Jun 05 at 1400

Happy Juice? Is that some sort of alcoholic beverage?

CD decided we should know this on 1 Jun 05 at 1721

Maybe he meant Juicy Juice?

Crispy23 decided we should know this on 1 Jun 05 at 1937

No...I'm gonna do this meme...I'm gonna pass it to some leftys...maybe I can kill it.

Jay decided we should know this on 2 Jun 05 at 0607

Heh. Jay, the Meme-Slayer.

Oh, and Happy Juice is more, ah, metaphorical. It's just whatever causes the smiley. And if First Trackback isn't a good reason to break out the Happy Juice, I don't know what is.

Army NCO Guy decided we should know this on 2 Jun 05 at 0930
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