24 Jul 05

The long-awaited(?) "Why This Blog Is Gathering Dust" post

Hey, y'all.

Just figured I should finally explain why for the past... uh... three weeks or so, there have been a total of two posts that were more than a link to somewhere- and even those links have been few and far between. Much has been happening in the life of Brad. I'm in the process of trying to de-cluster the mess I've made of my office over the past few months. See, this two-man shop has been run by me and only me for about five months now, much to its detriment. Now it's back to being a two-man shop (yay!) but I have to get my new boss up to speed before I go on leave. Oh yeah, in a week or so I'm going back to Bama to see my daughter get born. And help my wife out during the process. Oh, and just maybe move into a house. So for most of August, I probably won't even be looking at this blog, much less posting on it.

So. I'm getting progressively busier and busier. I'm chock full of crap I could write about- every day I see at least two or three bloggable items in the news- but even if I wasn't insanely busy, my time management skills are lacking, to say the least. So right now the blog is not nearly high enough on the priority list to get more than a daily cursory look.

No promises for the future, either. I really ran out of bloggy steam shortly after coming to MuNu. I still haven't finished the template, or gotten around to updating my status at TTLB or the Alliance- and without a magic wand, progress will not be made anytime soon. We'll see what happens when I come back off leave, but unless I manage to ungaggle myself- well... we'll see.

All whinyness aside, for those regulars out there who keep coming faithfully back to SITYSK™, hoping against hope that there'll actually be something here to read, many thanks. I love doing this. I still have megalomaniacal plans to be the Greatest Freakin' Blogger in th' Whole Daggone 'Sphere™ one day, but I'll have to work my way up, I guess.

Okeedokee. I just got a call from my NCO, saying that formation in the morning will be ten minutes earlier than the forty minutes early it was already going to be. Maybe I should go to sleep. Cheers.

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Life intrudes. :-) The blogosphere will wait for you.........

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And I will be back with a vengeance!




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Would you please update my link? We are now at http://www.stoptheaclu.com

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Congratulations to you and your wife on the new little 'un. Enjoy her until shes about 12.. then hide. :)

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