22 Jun 05

MuNuby Needum Help

Hey, y'all, if you trackback somebody, and then re-edit your post a bit and save it again, will it re-ping the blog you trackbacked? Even if the "URLs to Ping" box is empty? 'Cuz if that's the case, it's... irritating. If it's not the case, I have no idea why I'm sending multiple pings.

Hmm. I remember seeing something vaguely about this at Munuviana. Maybe I should go check.

UPDATE: ...whoa.

Okay, folks, today's tidbit of strange information is ready:

If you do a search at Munuviana for "ping", it lists every post that every Munuvian has ever written.

...my eyes hurt now. I've never done that much scrolling in my life.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Disregard. I found out what's causing it. Munuviana is friggin' awesome.

...but that search incident is still messing with my head...

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What was causing it? I've been wondering how to fix that problem myself.

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I found the answer here. The reason it did a double ping this morning was 'cuz I linked to Michelle Malkin, and I entered her trackback URL into the "URLs to Ping" spot. Same thing with Scrappleface. What it was is that under Weblog Config/Preferences, the Trackback Auto-Discovery is on. What that thing does is search the post, and if there's links that it can turn into trackbacks, it does it. Pretty nifty, but way crazy annoying, at least to me. Good thing they give you a choice.

That's also why you got a trackback from me to some post you wrote forever ago. I'm assuming you noticed, it was a few days ago. I was going through all the old posts from Bog*Splot- somehow every time I used an ALT code, it got changed around, so "SITYSK™" became "SITYSK™". Really annoying. So one of the posts I updated included a link to SIT, and it sent you a ping. I gave it a funny look- I had no friggin' idea why it did that.

Now we know. And knowing is half the battle.

Incidentally, yours was the 100th comment since I came to MuNu. (I like little counter thingies.) Yay, BlogPappy!

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I discovered quite some time ago that I was double-pinging sites and actually figured out what was happening by myself (yay me!) but I had not been able to find any documentation on it, so I just fixed it myself by always doing a "save as draft" before publishing. I found that if you save the entry as a draft, it will go thru and extract any auto-trackbakcs and put them in the little trackback box for you. Then you can see which entries will trackback and which ones you still need to add a ping to manually.

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