15 Apr 05

With a triple hat tip to Fark

Lots of stupidity going on in the world today. Fark's all over it.

Stupidity Number One:

A radio talk-show host, who was hired to tell the truth, has been fired for telling the truth. [1 , 2]

Now, I've never heard of Marty Minto, and the story doesn't go into too much detail. But it's pretty obvious that this guy is a Christian, who, as a pastor and radio personality, does his best to tell it like it is. Sounds to me like somebody asked him an honest question and he gave an honest answer. I didn't read anywhere that he said, "No! Pope evil! Him burn! Sinead was right! Arrrrr!!!"

Um, no. Not really. Sounds to me like that radio station is overcome by PC Nazis. If you're that desperate to not offend anyone, you shouldn't run talk radio programs. Especially Christian ones- okay, they were worried about losing some Catholic listeners- what about the millions of atheists/ agnostics/ Muslims/ Hindus/ Wiccans/ insert your religion here? Think you already alienated them, sorry. Canning this guy just proves how PC you all are at this station. Pastor Minto, I recommend a lawsuit. Clear-cut case of wrongful termination.

Stupidity Number The Next One:

It hurts people to be executed by lethal injection.






Oh. That's it. It hurts them? Um...


Check this out:

Without adequate anaesthesia, the authors say, the person being executed would experience asphyxiation, a severe burning sensation, massive muscle cramping and cardiac arrest - which would constitute the “cruel and unusual” punishment expressly forbidden by the US constitution’s Eighth Amendment.
klaxons blare


Let's go over this a-gain. "Cruel and unusual punishment" is the rack. Crucifixion. Being drawn and quartered. Impalement. Being forced to listen to Barbara Streisand. And my personal favorite, The Death of a Thousand Cuts.

The Eighth Amendment does not cover not having cable TV in your cell, not being allowed to eat your favorite food in jail, and in this case, some very short-lived pain. It may be dreadful pain, even excruciating. It is not, however, cruel or unusual. Excruciating pain has happened to me a few times. We in the Army call it getting smoked. Very excruciating pain has happened to my wife three times, so far. She calls it "having a kid". Death row inmates shouldn't be complaining. The fact that the government pays somebody to a) waste a perfectly good alcohol swab disinfecting your arm and b) at least try to get it in a vein, instead of just jabbing you in the nearest convenient body part and letting your bloodstream do the work, pretty much covers any whiny argument about "Eighth Amendment rights".

Head Moonbat Koniaris also had these things to say:

“My impression is that lethal injection as practiced in the US now is no more humane than the gas chamber or electrocution, which have both been deemed inhumane,”
“But when you look at it critically, it’s anything but medical,” he says. “It’s a perverted medical practice.”
Really? Deemed inhumane? Prove it. I've never heard that. I say we go back to hangin' and the firing squad- neither of which are the least bit "cruel" or "unusual". The same can be said of The Chamber™ and The Chair™. Moron.

As far as it being a "medical practice"- who thinks it's a medical practice? If it was, the Hippocratic Oath would prevent the execution from taking place. (Unless you live in Florida and have a corrupt judge on your side.) It is an administeration of death- ugly, yes, but necessary. Just because someone uses a syringe doesn't make what they're doing a medical practice. I'm sure heroin addicts would be interested to learn that they're acting as a physician every time they shoot up.

But then he says he's not against the death penalty. Oh. I'm sorry, I don't believe you.

That's enough stupidity out of you. Let's move on.

Stupidity Number The Last One:

Mexican government snubs nose at America, Part 52

Just how much more obviously anti-American can you get? I don't have much to add to this one, but at the advice of the Blogododecahedron Overlord, I'll make a neat little bulleted list.

• You make a pamphlet that shows your citizens the best way to invade America.

• You threaten law-abiding American citizens with international sanctions.

• You demand that the American government comply with its own laws, which you flagrantly violate every chance you get.

• You fail to reciprocate those same laws on your own citizens.

• As a matter of fact, you do the exact opposite.

• You make me mad.

• Piss off.

Geez, you'd think they were worried that we were going to invade, or something.


Isn't it about time we annexed some more crap from Mexico? That's an age-old American pasttime. Let's go for Cancun and Acapulco this time.

Act right, Mexico. You're the winner of the "Country That Is Getting Way Too Big For Its Britches" award, and the fastest-rising star on the List of Countries That Piss Me Off. China better watch out.

That's enough stupidity. My head hurts.

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