November 04, 2005

Just a quick note of congratulations

blows dust off of blog


Ahem. I would just like to congratulate the psychotic Muslim teenagers on being the first invading force to successfully occupy Paris since the Germans in 1940.

Well, technically, it was the U.S. Army in 1944, but I'm referring to people taking Paris away from the fwench, not giving it back.

Well done, gentlemen. I guess if the fwench don't want their own capital, I can't argue that invading Islamists can't take it from them. The Great Jihad Against EUnuchistan continues unabated.

Oh, and if you stumble across this before Saturday, go read Day by Day, if you haven't yet. Go here and here to see why this is hilarious- and gut-wrenchingly sickening. Democrats- the Party of the Racial Dissent Crush™.

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