23 Jun 05

Stand by

Well, after... sleeping on it... I've rethunk a bit of yesterday's post. Add that to the things left over from yesterday, and some new information today, and I've got a whole 'nuther post in the chute for today... but I don't have time to write it yet. Stand by.

Oh, and if anyone wanted to leave a comment, they weren't off intentionally, sorry. When I was messing around with the configuration yesterday I must've accidentaly set the default comments to "none". Oops.

UPDATE: Bleh. Don't expect the sequel anytime today. The creative juices are not flowing.

They probably will tonight- but I'll be watching a basketball game. Sorry.

UPDATE, AFTER THE WHOLE FRICKIN' WEEKEND PASSED ME BY AND I DIDN'T WRITE JACK DOODLY SQUAT: Apologies if you've been waiting in anticipation for the much-vaunted second round of the flag-burning post. It just never got off the ground. Please don't hate me.

I'll sum it up, however: Perhaps a constitutional amendment is just too much in this case. Changing the constitution should be reserved for things of extreme importance. But it should be illegal.

Hopefully the New and Improved!™ post will still come to fruition- but I won't hold it against you if you don't keep coming back to SITYSK™ every ten minutes, breathlessly awaiting its arrival.

Oh, and Detroit lost that game. Shucks and other comments.

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